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Spent at Wilmington Avenue that's cleared from traffic lanes, but you're still going to be some stop and go there from about Avalon High in the sky is sponsored by entry attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. Jeff bought four or five San Fernando Valley. No one. There we go. I was going to say, never kiss a hedgehog. That's for sure. Four or five is looking good. Really? By morning. Dr Sanders heads up as Sherman Wait is Health Trance crew that is now right shoulder, but they might start moving. So I just kept it looks like maybe a sweeper train just starting away there, but morning drive is starting at about Victory Boulevard Open, Obadele. On a normal stuff. The water one now coming out of Calabasas, 1000. It's all about into the San Fernando Valley. That section, looking good and then pretty much to tango or banker over towards the four or five is getting a little slow going to the south four or five, but otherwise it's a pretty good trip. Injured in an accident visit. Superwoman super lawyer dot com Jeff Bark, a F I and this guy if I and this guy helps you to their faster I'm robbing banks. Thie Rams improved to three and one after beating the Giants by a score of 17 to 9 giants now Oh, and for the Chargers blew a 10 point halftime lead over the Buccaneers. Tampa Bay coming backto outscore the bolts in the second half 24 to 7 on the way to a 38 31 l a loss. That reversal of fortune didn't however, dampened quarterback Justin Herbert's enthusiasm. There's nothing else that I'd rather be doing playing football for for the charges is something I've dreamed about it if I go out there and do everything right study work hard..

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