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Internet breaks the internet. Yes the video is iconic pat bennasar from then on women around the world copied her leather pants and pixie haircut she was already known for her vixen e onstage persona but now she could translate that into four-minute music videos. Yeah this was a new way to show an even bigger audience who pat penny tar was and she became a mainstay. Mtv oh yeah like. I didn't even have. Mtv wasn't even really alive back then. But i still feel like eighties. Pat benetton was just so synonymous with eighties. Mtc eighties periods. The way she looked. Yeah i mean. I'm pretty sure that when i had my faux hawk i definitely try to rip off her. Look sometimes like kind of curl up my info hawk a bit and like i have like these bullshit pleasure leggings some outfits over kind of pep benetton orascom lake sluggish boots heels. Oh yeah no. I tried to go pepe tar when any of us. Now try to dress eighties. We are essentially dressing like pat. Ben atar yeah 'cause that she was quintessentially eighties and everyone. It's a timeless. Look you can throw any decade. I feel like and it's not dated whereas like the crimped hair and make could be toned down the makeup roy and then you thirty six. I can't wear that shit. No no no. I feel really awkward with blue eye shadow. Now which makes me really. it's. I don't feel awkward with blue eye shadow. I i don't wear it very often anyway. I'm lucky if i put on. I shadow so i have gotten to a point where i have my makeup look now and i haven't deviated from it very much so that's probably what i'm going to do anytime and we're makeup from now three. Turn it to good job thanks. Nice inc's hit me with your best shot was the second single. I'm sorry himmy with your pet shark was the second single. And one of pat's biggest hits ever. It was written eddie schwartz who is inspired to write the song after going to a pillow punching therapy session all hall. That's the cutest thing. I've ever heard life despite the vague domestic violence imagery of hit me with your best shot that some people thought was there. This was not the song that created. Controversy is kind of like when everyone realized that. Hit me baby. One more time by britney spears could have been about domestic violence. I never went there and kinda try. It's about what it's also boning..

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