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This ted talk features fashion designer Beckham McCarron Tran recorded live at Ted Salon Trail Blazers Twenty nineteen The happiness lab is a new show hosted by Yale psychologist Dr Lori Santos she takes the latest science and translates it into practice Michael Effective happiness strategies lorries class psychology and the good life is the most popular class ever offered at Yale now you can get the class to by listening to the podcast science tells us that there's no biological barrier to being happier we can all get their subscribed to the happiness lab or ever you get your podcasts they starting your business was no small feat imminent late nights early mornings and of course all nighters our friends at fresh folks can make it easier fresh books accounting software is designed for small business owners. It's easy to use and keeps you very organized with fresh books you can automate voicing accept online payments Organiz expenses and much more get sixty percents off a light plus or premium plan for six months when you buy today hurry. this limited time offer ends October twenty third good a fresh books dot com slash by now to get started as fashion designers are decisions have the power to change our culture we choose who's cast runway shows and campaigns ultimately who is celebrated and consider beautiful and who's not having this platform irresponsibility one that can be utilized to exclude people or to empower others growing up I was obsessed fashion. I poured all different types of fashion magazine and my local Barnes and noble to be fashionable was to be tall any with long shiny hair that's what I saw is the ideal and it was reinforced everywhere I looked to be honest still this I wanted to be like the models so I stopped eating it was a dark time in my life my eating disorder consume me all I could think about this counting every single calorie and waking up early before school every day so I could run a few miles it took me years to finally released the grip that the eating disorder had over life but when it did if read of so much brain space to think about what I was truly passionate about for so long fashion industry has worked hard to center The beauty that celebrates thin young white SIS gender able bodied models as the ideal is impossible not to be bombarded with images of models that have been photoshop to where there's not a single poor federal or stretch mark incite you don't need to look hard to find examples this Phoenician beauty is damaging dangerous and destructive and we need to exploded immediately the agree one of the worst things I've realized over the years is that my experience with disordered eating is not an anomaly early in fact it's par for the course I think there's a study that says ninety one percent of women and likely those of all gender identities are unhappy with the way they look unforgivable that we live in a society where it's normal or expected for teenagers to grow up hating themselves we've been fighting for fat acceptance and women's body autonomy since the sixties and there has been headway plus size models like Ashley Graham and musicians would be positive messages like Lizardo breaking into the mainstream thank God there's brands like area that have released campaigns without any sharp retouching but we're still inundated with unrealistic expectations I love this quote by Liz who said body positively only exist his body negatively is the norm so how do we change the stigma around looking different or not fitting into this narrow finishes beauty I believe it's by celebrating beauty and all different forms bold an unapologetically but many fashion designers continue to reinforce narrow definition of beauty from the way they're taught in school and into the real world they drape on mannequins that are only four or sketch on bodies that are super stretched out and not anatomically proportion different sized bodies aren't taking into account during the design process they're not thought of so who are these designers designing mm for but the conversation around exclusivity and fashion doesn't begin and end with size it's about seeing people of all different gender expression since different ability levels different ages different races and ethnicities celebrated for their own unique beauty my own work as a fashion designer I started a brand called matt and we're committed to empowering women fans and non binary chroma Babes of all shapes and sizes through perfectly fit garments for every body somewhere has become a huge focus for me because of the power that this single garment can have over the way people feel about themselves we wanted to take our focus on celebrating body types to a garment that's fraught with insecurity on our runways UC curves cellulite and scars worn proudly where runway show yes it's also a celebration I didn't start designing ten years ago with a mission to change the entire industry however inclusivity means nothing if it's only surface level behind the scenes from the photographer to the housing director to the interns who's making the decisions behind the scenes is just as important as imperative to include diverse decision occurs in the process and it's always better to collaborate with different communities rather than trying to speak for them and this is an important black makeup artists Hey Fatuma Thomas who intimately understands how important it is to be able to work with all skin tones it's essential to reading a holistic inclusive output as fashion designers that do a lot of swim we wanted to rewrite the rules around having a bikini body so he has team of Babe Guards to enforce guidelines around inclusion and acceptance at the pool instead of no diving and no running how about celebrate cellulite body policing prohibited and intolerance not tolerated and this was enforced by guards Mama Cox Denise bidault gene Rosero Erica heart an emmy all activists in their own right I've always felt it was important to show a range of different bodies in our runway shows and campaign means but it actually wasn't until recently that we were able to expand our size range in a major way we first launched our curve collection five years ago when we were so excited but when launched it fell flat nobody was interested none of our department store stocked above a size large and if they did it was somewhere else in the building entirely cricket they WANNA be sold a dream they want to see something that they aspire to be implying that are models weren't that but I've realized so much more important to open up this dream to more people I want the consumer to know that it's not your body that needs to change is the close needs to be more options at all sizes and then all retailers there's so finally in two thousand eighteen norstrom actually place to order up to three x and this was a huge game changer for us to have major retailer invest in adding these units so we could go to the factory and really go now we go up to four acts which is about size thirty thirty two having that investment helped us to change and realign our entire design process we now have different sized bodies to sketch and drape on the studio and if more fashion schools top the skills more designers would have the ability to design for all bodies so as fashion designers is our job to utilize our platform to explode this narrow restrictive definition of beauty Michael is that Sunday teenagers growing up don't feel the same pressure that I did conform and I hope that our work contributes to the fashion industry's opening up to celebrate many different identities thank you for more ted talks to Ted dot com uh.

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