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Read or cartilage in the joints are listen. It's going to be so much more comfortable, and now you're adding the vitamin C and vitamin D, So our listeners they're going to notice a big difference here. Joint jail is going to do some things for your joints. And as for your skin is we've been talking about it, especially for your joints That really know whether supplement Khun Dio, the first dietary supplement that I've seen In that, Khun do this. You've got the before And after M r I photos Caesar studies that have been done at Penn State. Harvard Toughs University of Freiburg, which is in Germany. That's how big of a breakthrough this is. And really, I don't know any other company that is offering this currently we've got a great product here. Joint gel with M S, M and all of the benefits of M S. M. In a few minutes. I'm going to give out that 800 number and tell you how to get started for less than 10 bucks. And again. Dr Levin was talking about our vitamin C is the bonus gift we call it. Our essential immunity are patent pending. See, Neil, we are shooting along so fast here. We've got so much information out there already with only a few minutes to spare here or people just tuning in what is joint gel. And why is it such a dramatic break? We're talking about our very special cutting edge by elect Of college and peptides. You're going toe. This is a powder. You're going to get it. You're going to drink it down. And once you ingest this, it's delicious. It's going to go into your circulation. It's going to get brought to your cartilage and 10% of these very special bioactive college and peptides that air just the exact right molecular size and weight. Reagan. Enough on the door of your cartilage making cell called the Kandra site. So this is almost like waking up Rip Van Winkle. As we get older. Our conversations don't work as well. When we were 20. We made cartilage and broke down cartilage at the same rate. We have beautiful cartilage. When we're fifties sixties seventies were breaking down cartilage much faster, much faster than we're remaking it. This these bioactive college and pep tights this joint, Jill, this is your ticket. Getting those knees and hips and joints in your body to create more glassy, smooth Cushnie cartilage, and it works. I like to play my golf. I like my tennis. I like hitting the gym. I like to run around and play with my kids. And this joint gel is my ticket. It's almost a little bit like a time warp. If you will, like Turning the clock back a little bit. Your doctor doesn't know about it. It's here. It's going to regenerate cartilage. Your knee. You're hit your body. Your joints are going to feel better. Neal. I know this is one of your favorite products. It's one of my favorite products. I need to tell people how they can get started for less than 10 bucks and get a re tread and deal with that wear and tear once and for all. With a solution that's been shown to help do what I call the four R's regenerate, revitalize, restore and regrow that joint cartilage. You want to do that? I don't know what other options there are out there. You can go to any vitamin store in America and scour the shells and the joint Health Department. You're not going to find anything like this. This is different. This is special. You will see really dividends in your comfort your mobility and you will be far better off for it and you can age a little bit more gracefully. Now again. This also has M S m in it. We talked about M sm joint health for skin health folks. This is a four week supply so it for 10 bucks, even if you're just in this for the cosmetic benefits or if you're curious Pick up the phone and call us and put this to the test. We want you to make joint l a part of your life, and we're gonna hope that you do this by giving you the best or for possible a start a bottle for less than 10 bucks with free shipping and again the bonus gift as that extra little incentive, But there's also a rationale behind the bonus gift like Neil said. You get the vitamin C. The patent pending pure way Vitamin C twice as well absorbed. Stays in your system Twice is long, vitamin C crucial for college and production. So it goes so well together with joint Joe. And by the way, we also have another bonus gift for you today. It's ah, really Cool Shaker Cup. It's heavy duty. It helps you make joint gel so easily. You just shake it up. You could take it to go. You could use it for your way protein. You can mix anything with it. It seals up nice and tight. You could take it in your car. Really Cool. Free gift yours to keep no matter what if you call today 1 803 83 18 64.

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