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And speaker ryan as as they call them here tried to give like a rectangle and like a like a battered more like a parallel a was in really a rectangle so trump's promises square circle ryan delivers legs a crappy parallel a graham may at like a rombas actually's nice kind of a rambus the nobody likes nobody likes rombas what are the most despised shapes and everybody's like louie i this rombas is not the square circle that trump promised but there's a announced it's kind of what we wanted though like speaker ryan loves the rambus because the rambus is just taking healthcare way from people that's really at all it all this all their plan was an i covered this indepth you can go back and look all the republican plan was was cutting taxes on rich people and taking away health insurance it was not a health insurance plan so that was a disaster it was a comical disaster entirely of the republicans in trump's making and meemaw obamacare is becoming more and more popular but it needs sustenance inese little fixes here and there and trump is actively undermining it now so he is switch to while i'm just gonna blow this thing up i'm in a sabotage it even though that's going to be harmful it's going to take away it's going to cost lives what he's doing but he's like no i hate obama so much i'm in a dominant sabotage obamacare and then once it's really bad then we can shove something else that's terrible down the american people's throats and that will be that but i just have to say to even the staunchest trump supporter can't you recognize that if there were a better plan if trump had some plan that was magical and ferries and kenny canes rainbows and was essentially a square circle that he promised.

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