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Fire away. Fire away. All right, so we are looking at the did you know for this week and this one is interesting and it's going to take me a minute to run these through, but it's where the names of the month come from, like every month of the year. I didn't know any of these. Literally not a single one. But January is named for the Roman God janus, protector of Gates, and protector of Gates and doorways. February is Latin the Latin word came where it came from was February for cleanse named after the festival of purification and atonement that lasted one month in Rome. March was the Roman goddess of war, Mars, the time of year, this was the time of year to resume military campaigns that stopped for the winter, so at least they stopped during the winter. April is from the Latin word apparel. It looks like Latin for to open or bud. So this is when the plant started growing. May the goddess of Maya, who oversees plant growth. So. She was the one that looked over the plants, also from the word mayor race. It looks like, which means elders who are celebrated for this month. And then we have June, Roman goddess Juno, she was patroness of marriage and well-being of women. July, honors Julius Caesar with help, he developed the Julian calendar, the precursor for the Gregorian calendar that we currently use. So I definitely didn't know that July was named after Julius Caesar. I thought that was pretty interesting. Did you know that either? August is named to honor the first Roman Empire emperor Augustus Caesar. Didn't know that. And then the next four kind of lame September, October,

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