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Aids out there tonight, Bradley. Grind goes. Okay. Ranger rod on him. Good morning. How you doing? I'm okay, we'll bit of a cold. But I'll get by hope you got your long Johns ready because the winter vortex or Arctic vortex. Whatever the hell it is going to bring some more chilly. Chilly weather all around the country. I don't I don't do. Very, well, I really limited northeast. But I I gotta get out of the north northeast quick. I just don't like wintertime. Camaro? So my opinion is the arrow dynamics because car. Car vehicles. Much the chassis and the drive lines are pretty much the same teams by engines for other teams. So it's pretty much a standard platform. But if you look at the Camaro in a Toyota and afford when they're coming down the track the Camaro was flat in the front. Toyota and Ford data slope down a front. So I think dynamics has do it. Just one guy's opinion. You're probably right because those cars just did not run away the Toyotas did most of the year in the forward. You know, they'd have you know, good. Good runs there for a different period of time. I think the Fords were dill but better on the the bigger speedways and they didn't handle so well in the shorter ones. Does that sound right? Well, I think aerodynamic dynamics was huge. Look at baking get the teams can get fined if they have a spoiler. It's I get quarter of an inch to hire gives them such an advantage. So I look at the front of it flat in the front. You know, it's like. A flatbed at a a driving going down the road win win resistance. This thing with this wall. You know, Pelosi and Shula. To say, they're representing people from foreign countries and Trump's trying to represent the people of America. All three of them to represent the people of America. But two of them have a political agenda and one of them has a single agenda, which is to make the country better. There's a difference. But again. The Democrats are capitalizing on ignorant people. Sure. Four percent of Democrats that they would vote for for president. Well, that's because she's she's picked up the playbook of Bernie Sanders. You know, he's a big socialist slash commie or whatever. And he ran around and promised everybody free schooling free college free medical care. I think free rooms in the mommies basement, blah, blah, blah. I mean, hell they promise everybody under the sun, something who in hell one vote for you. Well, yeah. But that's what they also promised the people in Venezuela and Cuba. Yeah. Yeah. Well, they're having to eat dogs and cats and critters and everything here, they got no money. They're down there rioting. And then now Schumer, and they want to side with Obama's best buddy that thug that just stole a phony election down there. Instead of this other guy wants to try to bring Venezuela back to what it used to be, you know, ten years ago before Obama's other little buddy that shabas, you know, random place in the hell hole. It is. Well, like behinds with the money. I got no money. No. No money. Play money said a Cup of coffee used to cost fifty cents. Now, it cost eight hundred dollars. Dollar's worth so little it's worth nothing. How how can people be so ignorant? Pelosi and humor kind of paint themselves as heroes of the day. Celebrate the fact that we're not gonna have a you. Really need it? When we've got these carbon coming out us. Celebrate the fact that they won by not getting approval. With the fact that you know, they all voted for Paul have walls around their houses in Obama's first year in office. One hundred thirty miles of some type of fence law. Whatever was built in Texas. They don't talk about that policy. Well stayed behind Christmas been in the White House ready to talk the whole time. Hello to Hawaii. Democrats go to Puerto Rico funded by lobbyists, of course, one hundred hundred different lobbyists, including Google and Facebook and all the big money, boys. Because you got remember something the democrat party takes their marching orders. From George Soros meet had that jackass out there in Hollywood, just shakes down. You know, Bobby deniro Babs all the other kooks Hanoi, Jane Fonda and the whole crowd for a bunch of cash in that bake environmentalists at Tom star. That's going to help the democrat party's behold to you asked me a question ranger. How do they get away with this? Because bake news media they get bought off in. They carry the water for Pelosi and all her lion talking points and Schumer that clown. He's lucky to put two sentences together and the whole democrat party. That's how they get away with it, plain and simple. The last month. Hawaii. Because you can put it back in the growth and that and then. Proven cases for Democrats in the middle of the crisis, nearly negotiate. But at least Donald Trump with. I wish he would do the same thing that Barack Obama gave getting stuff so come to the podium and say I have a pen and a phone. I remember that sure I have to say how come it wasn't drive me nuts. Eighty. Almost place what the private sector to paychecks. They lose a. Soup kitchen, jazz fake news. That's all fake. Can you be that irresponsible? We can't get a credit card advance. Ain't gonna last forever. People have bad credit or something. Hey ranger. It's the same thing with like what they had with that Covington deal where they portrayed the agitator there. He's a career lifelong agitator beaten award drum in front of the fourteen fifteen year old kids and the media turned it around, and he turned around and lied that. All he was trying to defuse the thing. And he felt like pray, blah, blah, blah. It's all fake news. Everything you see nowadays in mainstream media is fake, and a pack allies at that's what's going on Bs and the American people. Was the best shining example of reporting absolutely fake news. The most they never not one program. On the loop created.

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