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Episode of the and business podcast. I hope you enjoyed this episode. We do our best to work hard to find a good mix of talent here finish show. We like to bring on startups. You might not have heard of. We like to bring on big blue chip companies. You we've had head of ai at raytheon really high level folks at comcast hsbc excetera. We also like to be able to pull in the folks. They're moving the fastest with a and that is to say silicon valley unicorns so adams perspective is important to us. I hope it's important and useful to you. And if you want support the show and you've learned some things he'd been able to apply the ai and business podcast. It would mean the world if you could support us by leaving us a five star review on i tunes. What is now called apple podcasts. You can search for the a and business. Podcast drop us a five star review and type up what you like about the show. What you've learned how it's been useful for you because it is your feedback that i bring back to my team. When we think about our editorial calendar we think about our interview calendar. It's really your ideas that feed the show. It helped it to evolve over time at your ideas that have helped us to recently spin out the i. Consulting podcast so for those of you aren't aware we now have a show called the consulting podcast. You can find that on i tunes find that on spotify etc. And that was your idea as well. So you're reviews help us generate great ideas and they also really do support the chefs if you want to support show consider leaving tribes review on itunes. Miss now called apple podcasts. And otherwise stay tuned for the next episode next tuesday here on the a and business podcast..

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