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Emmy's it was Glenn Weiss alive, marriage proposal at the Emmys and it reminded me and Allie as the ask you guys both as women in the studio here how you would respond to a public proposal because it always makes me uncomfortable. Like I feel like it robs the moment of all sort of romantic feeling by being in front of this crowd. If you're the woman, God forbid, you had second thoughts about this because all of a sudden now the pressure's on, like you have to make this decision with a full stadium of people and television audience watching you now. So I told my husband prior to getting engaged that. I didn't want up proposal like, I don't want like everyone staring at me, but at the same time, like the Emmys like, that's just something that never been done. So I think part of that would be really cool as any any feeling one way or the other on this because I feel like public proposal something everyone kind of has a strong feeling one way or the other on. Yeah, I would say no, that'd be a strong though. I feel like this is so uniquely tailored to the crowd. That would be the Emmys though because the one thing every award show is certainly self-serving. We all like attention. We have the SP's. We do the same thing. We stand around and we'd give sports awards the same way the Oscars do the same way the Emmys do. And so if you're in a group of people that already wants to go up there and celebrate one, another it public proposal seems like it's got the perfect home there that being said, hard pass for me. This is a reminder stadium proposals. You have more likely to end up on the top ten than the actual top ten. Just a little free advice now onto other free agent moves from yesterday, Dan Bailey, who we knew was sitting there and his golden kicking thrown this weekend. Watching the rest of these kickers vomit all over themselves over the course of a Sunday of events. And one of those moves made Dan Bailey. Now sign with the Minnesota Vikings, the Minnesota Vikings who. Had some kicking woes of their own. Rookie kicker for them. This weekend. Daniel Carlson waved and Mike Zimmer when asked about that decision was very short on why they cut Daniel Carlson went into the decision today. Dan, did you see the game. Was it? Was it easy decision freezing? He's dealing with this like ideal with my fantasy team like. There's your reminder, the business of football went into the decision today. Girls did you see the game. Was it wasn't an easy recession, pretty Pretty easy. easy. Man, they will not waste any time. Zane Gonzales. The Browns kicker found out that he'd been kicking with groin injury. They're probably gonna reach an injury settlement with him. Do just going out there. Gutting out has an awful day now he doesn't have a job anymore, like that is life in the NFL first and last Michael junior here on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. All right. So. Who keeps telling urban Meyer to talk. I truly can't figure this out because I said this yesterday and I firmly believe it, and it doesn't mean I agree with it or thinking is right, but I understand the way these cycles work. We all do. We all sit around here and watch these cycles in sports where person does something. Regrettable does something bad, condone something bad. However, you want to do it harbors someone bad and their system every iteration of this possible. And we get upset about it. We try to hold that person accountable, but if they're good enough at what they do, they end up being able to usually scape most accountability the way that it would be held to someone else..

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