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On this Monday Rex Ryan's on the way. Dan Orlovsky is here we've got a huge Sunday in the NFL to take you through. And let's start at the end in Dallas that Prescott has essentially been issued at challenge earlier in the week by Landon Collins and the giants. He said, the challenge was accepted and just over a minute into the game, he showed he wasn't kidding. Watch Landon Collins stepping up into the box before the play in Prescott. We're going to go play action here disea- and we're going up top for Tabei often six. Four yards in touch to north Jenkins beaten on the play. They're fired up the cowboy take a quick seven. Nothing lead in that was a statement right out of the shoot for Cowboys offense that had been much more kind of said the challenge accept it. I said, is I accepted it, but I can tell you I wasn't the only one who accepted that challenge. This team accepted that offense accepted it and we wanted to go out there and it's just so. But that was their offense. And then Rex Ryan, how about the defense here? Ally manning was ducking for his life all day long. Yeah. When I look at it, you know, obviously good game plan, you know pressuring Eli, but the giants we've said this before they have to be able to savage the running game and protect. You lie manning seems like it's a broken record for the last several years. So they got to get it fixed. Then right now, not at all. There's a three rusher their taco truck with a recovery of a fumble forced by Damian Wilson. The Cowboys defense six sacks eight quarterback hits. They have a thirteen nothing lead now under six minutes to go in the fourth, the Cowboys lead us thirteen to three and they're looking to put it away. And that's exactly what they do. Zeki Elliott taking into the house. He ran for seventy eight yards, giants tack on garbage time. Touchdown Cowboys went into twenty two thirteen Shurmur. What. He lies confident he's a pro and he battled throughout the game, and I thought he did a good job, but I do sense confidence. Yes. I sense. Confidence, I since confidence in Eli and he's a pro pump confident. I'm confident in the guys we have. I'm confident in myself and the players that we have. It's just a matter of guys this working together. That's why it's a team. It's not four guys or five guys. It's a all eleven guys. This isn't take to be successful and to fix this, is this all guys playing a little bit better. If you're a giant fan, I want you to avert your eyes. He lie was blitzed on eleven dropback last night and sack five times on those eleven plays. He was sacked five times against the blitz all of last year. So Rex Ryan again, you heard him now you can see him. So a lot of the criticism is going to be on Eli manning today, and there's all this attention focused on them now because they drafted Barclay and chose to stay with the, is it allies fall what you were seeing right now?.

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