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It's out from the O'Reilly update message of the day. Former vice president, Joe Biden has maintained a healthy lead in the polls over his democratic opponents for president since announcing his candidacy back in April. Despite his current position the seventy six year old finds himself in a crowded field. That includes a number of radical, leftists who's positions would have been rejected by most Americans just ten years ago. In an effort to appeal to the democratic primary voter the ones moderate Biden has shifted on a number of key issues. Most recently, he renounces support for the Hyde amendment a law that restricts federal funding for abortions because many Americans oppose the procedure on religious grounds, so who really is Joe by well, you might be surprised to learn that at one time, he was a conservative kind of guy at one thousand nine hundred seventy four article in the Washingtonian Biden said, quote when it comes to civil rights and civil liberties, I'm a liberal, but that's it. I'm really quite conservative on most other issues as a freshman Senator from Delaware Biden was one of the senate's leading opponents of de segregation bussing the court mandated transportation of students to integrate racially segregated schools, Biden favored desegregation, as a whole, but believe busing would be in effective. Mr. Biden remained opposed to busing, even into the late two thousands calling it a quote, liberal train wreck that was tearing people apart on prime Joe Biden was, tough as they come the truth is every major crime Bill since nineteen seventy six that's come out of this congress. Every minor crime Bill has had the name of the democratic Senator from the state of Delaware. Joe Biden on that Bill in one thousand nine hundred four he spearheaded efforts to pass the comprehensive crime control act alongside arch conservative South Carolina, Senator Strom Thurmond law is one of the biggest overhauls of the criminal Justice system in the twentieth century among other things that increase federal penalties for the cultivation and possession of marijuana. Reinstituted the federal death penalty and came down hard on organized crime. Biden also has a record of supporting tough border controls in one thousand nine hundred six he helped pass the legal immigration reform immigration Responsibility Act that law more than double the number of ages patrolling the border and allowed for the immediate deportation of undocumented immigrants who commit a misdemeanor or a felony inside the USA in two thousand six voted for the secure fence act, which authorized and funded the construction of seven hundred miles of fencing along the Mexican border binds record on foreign policy is also interesting. He voted against the Iraq troop surge in two thousand seven that turned that conflict around. He also oppose President Trump's top secret raid that killed Osama bin lot. So where does Joe Biden fit in the Democratic Party of Alexandria? Oh, Cossio cortex. Well, it depends. On which Biden, we're talking about,.

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