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This episode is brought to you by one united bank america's largest blackowned bank mi black internet as you get ready to do your gift shop in this holiday season we want to encourage you to consider ways to buy black and support your community when you nine it believes that money is power and we can use to build wealth in the black community not only for today but for the future as well this is more than a moment at some movement with the right mind sudden actions we can be financially woke when we unite the power of our dollars is no limit to what we can do move your money and bank black with one united bank today visit when united dot com to learn more hey hey guys courtney joy murray happy holiday is happy holidays from job lot movement we are back your group chat girlfriend's career confidants when new episodes on the first in the fifteen blow wave way holed up food relief gonna take a break from the holidays so there will be no new episodes andrzej reversal will see you on january fifteen yes common up the rant as too damn high alert as home ownership worth it for a generational is going to be diving it's all that and more yeah we have an amazing woman who works for massachusetts affordable housing alliance is she's going to share her journey to home ownership in some tips to help us get there as well europe's essay tune but as you guys know we like to start every episode with the clock in check and see how we're doing personally and professionally definitely recommend doing it with your circle as well learning how are you i am in finals.

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