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Piper. Les Moonves says the ones I'm head of CBS was fired for cause and will not receive a severance package in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations who's denied several accusations of sexual misconduct while at the helm of CBS was removed earlier this year. The board of directors statement says there was caused a fire moon visit including a violation of company policies and failure to cooperate with the investigation as a result Moonves won't get that one hundred twenty million dollars severance Frank sesno is professor median public affairs at George Washington University. This is serious business, and it's not just about employment practice. It's also about the corporate reputation. The statement goes on to say that while harassment and retaliation are not pervasive at CBS. There have been incidents of pass behave. And human resources, not holding those employees accountable Bill Rakoff CBS news. The president says he better get billions of dollars for his border wall by Friday, or he's shutting the government down. Our ouija Jiang reports Democrats are only offering a fraction of that. Democrats have scoffed at the five billion dollars. Mr. Trump wants to build the wall, and they're so far unwilling to go above one point six billion for border security. A new national poll finds fifty four percent of Americans oppose a shutdown if it happens forty three percent would blame the president and Republicans the week on Wall Street is already off to a not good start. The Dow s&p NASDAQ all dropped more than two percent Monday art cash with UBS financial services with this advice. I don't think you should trouble your money market. You should pick certain sectors that you think are going to be okay to Chicago police officers are dead after being hit by a train as they were investigating reports of gunshots. Police superintendent Eddie Johnson on their investigation. Both officers were struck by passing metro train, and died instantly. Someone was taken into custody at a weapon was recovered. Both officers were in their thirties. It's his first interview since the latest NFL domestic violence and assault incidents involving other players Ray rice alongside his wife is speaking with our Gayle king about the incident that got him fired from the Baltimore Ravens. It was after surveillance footage surfaced of him punching his then fiancee four years ago. The thirty one year old says he now wants to set an example for other players, and then expressing remorse is not just an attempt to get back into football. I love football. I'm coaching. I'm hoping out you I just feel the pressure. I was under of being a star. That was the person. I hated the most he sits down with Gail on CBS this morning. This is CBS news. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. Ziprecruiter's technology finds qualified candidates for businesses of all sizes. Try it for free at ZipRecruiter dot com slash free..

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