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With a two to a defense how he can help an offense i think when you have a chance of getting in tonio brown julio jones odell beckham junior those those guys they don't grow on trees you know this isn't the there's only one new england patriots you know one squad it can take a former lacrosse player making into a super bowl cleaner her a hero if you will you know everyone else's looking for home run hitters and that's what they'll beckham junior is still he's a home run hitter dominic tweets us says the best part of all these rams moves and the news is that keyshawn will still have the rams barely cracking the top ten while the seahawks will be atop the reports absolutely absolutely did you see the quote from their gm by the way which i love john schneider yes he says they're not rebuilding where what did he say reshuffling yourself loading wasn't reloaded was hold on one second it was it was so funny i was reading as i was stuck in traffic in had tears my eyes i was like bra that's some serious spin right now oh we settings what he said we're we're resetting not rebuilding i was like bra that's basically the same thing man yeah i mean it is to me like i i don't i don't see the i mean just semantics right let you're just playing with words there but yeah i think that if the rams can find a way to get del beckham junior and not have to pay that steeper price then go ahead and do it you know go ahead and do it because that's going to put you over the top now my question to you is.

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