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We had a food fight gigondas house with Teagan Knox and Kenneth Ray can we really cut this bullshit out there trying to give both of these? Vargas. Gargano. Kenneth Array like some kind of character and it's just not trying to be like Bluto from Popeye and it's just not worth ninety happening. It's not working. Digits fucking dry sponges. Talented in the ring. But when it comes characters, they're just bland t and knocks was invited the Gargano home to make up a Kanye ray nothing nothing ended up in a food fight whatever next. I, hate. To see it. Getting now, Dick. Promo on waiting their texting Belton announced they'll facing imperium next week for a rematch. In probably one of my, I actually really enjoyed this match Bronson re defeats Austin Theory which I'm sorry I really good match and I'll I'll be the first one to admit it. I. Think Awesome Theory came out looking like fucking million dollars. Gear the change of the gear, the way they put the spotlight on dude is Chris Masters Christmas. What he wanted to Christmases to be that dude his fucking amazing. It's only twenty, two, twenty, three, twenty, my age, and. I gotTA give Kudos Bronson. Re to these two guys are the future professional wrestling I really do I I am fully I am cashed in umbrella. Theory I am fully locked in these guys are GonNa be stars we see for a very long time. Theory tried to the big men up but never succeeded and read crush them. You know what can you say? Robert. Stone tries to destroy the tank in the back of chassis black tank but shots he surprises him and Leah blindsides her. Can we all accept the fact that was a terrible choice to be a rubber stone? Can't wrestle and she has no I. Actually went to she came on shaky. She came a long way from what used to be. So she went from Shitty to Mediocre Shitty on like I could easily you could easily told me like castle ray joined matter some shit like or like. Or someone anyone else at this point percentage Martinez Him yes. So Elliott Elliott, the me they need. They feel sorry for her and they wanNA keep around because she's been there what five six there. Hasn't improved. They need to make her fucking valley s on because it's. Not Working. Shots shotsie black card hopes Yoshua Ri-. fight off stone. Leah. But shot hells hold onto the women's championship. I would love to see oc- arrivers society blackheart. We all know who's GonNa win but I'll be entertained with that. Not Mad at that at all Roddick strong than went onto defeat Killian Dane, how do you think about that match I would have been it would have been fun at another time not this week. not this week it would be a good mid card. Let me focus. What are they doing with Drake Maverick nothing nothing nothing they signed him they automatically. Work Day they did but it's still like they're trying to pull it. You're trying to pull the team, hell no yeah. These two guys again, it's not working and I'll be the first one to say this. I think an t hired Drake Maverick because they saw him cry and the instantly regretted it and said Oh never mind we don't want him now they're stuck with the fucking guy so it is what it is. But. Drake Maverick tries to help. Killing Dane but at Kruse belter. They're they're on their showcasing that on five live right now. Okay. They went back and forth. Realizing, escot. House Annex T. Like do we didn't even friendly she weeks ago yeah now. Also, this week Steve albertine dream defeated Ashanti hones- in which by the way was not a bad man. It was shot. They actually did pretty good. I. Saw It was actually a pretty good match. I know everybody was pissed off and they don't want to give him a credit, but he actually looked good velveteen look as a heel the way he should be. The first one to say to this one as well though teen dream versus Kushida sign me up. Sign me up that happened. That's a good man. Get Pin again all because see. He doesn't care. He's just making money. He's making bread was killed this week after destroying him with the security. It was it was truly cool. But we'll give Kudos to the best part of next week for me, which was Timothy Thatcher's film school and I'll tell you why. This is how you turn per someone bland is kettle chips into a sparking star Thatcher took time this week with footage to teach us how Damian Priest wrestles. So he could be prepared for their North American championship title match next week. Great Way to show that a wrestler scouting their opponent. For example, he said, oh you see Damien Priestley's his legs open there. See if I was in the ring, I would sweep the leg and then grabbed into an arm bar that shit. Got Me actually got me Horny son. We're going to have to get you laid. So I got. To dry spell but this shit, this shit was straight fire. Henry. I don't know if you agree with me on this one but I think it was so fucking amazing. The leg opening spot that got him who of course of course it was. The but the fact that, but the fact that he's doing film and Scouting his opponent going see how Damian Pres wrestles, he always has his foot this way. So if I grabbed by the like that should got goosebumps that's how wrestling is should be and. that. Is Not, a leading. Remind me lasak's but Julia. Allow. Better too. But he's his submission move i. mean all you gotTa do is look at the infant valor mats they had I think wasn't a takeover that was a great Mac. Yes it was. It was absolutely So annex looking pretty good and then finally for the main event, we re Ripley versus Mercedes, Martinez in a steel cage match read what were your thoughts on the main event? Ripping..

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