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Tuesday in their home opener for recap, we go to KYW's John Johnson. That was the first period to forget the flyers eight to two loss to the sharks and the home opener here in south Philly. A poor opening twenty minutes would be an understatement is the orange and black bad from top to bottom, and San Jose would take advantage registering twenty three shots four getting past goaltender Brian Elliott, and that would wrap things up flyers cut the deficit to three on a Gaza spare goal the sharks would quickly respond. The good news. Flyers have no choice, but to put behind them as they have a date in Ottawa with the senators the tail end of a back-to-back reporting from the Senator John Johnson, KYW NewsRadio. The eagles were back on the field. Tuesday, getting set for their prime time match up with the New York Giants on Thursday night for more on the eagles. We go to KYW's, Ed Benkin, New York. Rookie running backs a Quan Barclays off to a fast start for the giants. But eagles defence alignment Fletcher Cox's confident he and his teammates will find a way to limit Barclay on Thursday night, long gang tackle, get everybody to the football during that job as I say every week every day, and you know, holding. Each other accountable. We'll we'll get a monograph Cox and his teammates say the focus is on getting a win and getting back on track rather than it being a divisional game on a night when the eagles will play against an NFC Surprenant for the first time this season with the eagles. I'm Ed Benkin, KYW NewsRadio. Good news for the eagles is booked defensemen. Derek Burnett and running back. Corey Clinton were full participants a practice after missing Sunday's game against the Vikings kickoff Thursday night. From the Meadowlands set free twenty you can hear the game on ninety four WIP end in the postseason. The Red Sox defeated the Yankees four to three in game four of their LDS..

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