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Skyline studio hanging out with John tasty. You can follow him on Twitter at John Katie T, E T, I listened to the podcast pop. Mom, we're of course, getting some calls and texts about the the Laura Ingalls towns that is walnut grove that was where they lived. And that was the town that's kind of the hub for the community. But they would go to Mankato Minnesota for at least in the series, and in the books to mankato's one of the towns that they actually lived all over they were in Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, there's a lot of properties all over the country that they lay claim to lure Ingles. Family lived here. Well, the big woods wasn't. Okay. Let's not go down this path of I I could do this all day. There are a lot of books out there and a lot of websites. People do like road trips following the trail of the of the Ingalls family. See look this family did like a they did a podcast about traveling great idea that. So we have a list of we would we were talking about game shows and John teddy is our game show expert. It's surprised you that we will give you that label. Does it? I love it. I embrace it. There you go. Leonard has a question. Hey, leonard. How are you doing tonight? Good. Did you wanna say? For john. I read that test. You're lucky. Might be coming back on a revival that that's right. I haven't seen any news about who the hosts are, but yes card sharks and press. Your luck will be returning. They're going to be on ABC, which Leonard I don't know if you have watched over the past few years, but they've revived here amid and match game to tell the truth wasn't so hot but match game at pyramid were pretty good. And they're really not out of the park with these game shows. So I'm excited Leonard, which one are you more excited about.

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