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Good morning it's eight thirty I'm Bob McLean here's our top story despondent debated one thousand people gathering to March there were no arrests in downtown Phoenix last night KKR's Jim crosses live with the latest yeah Bob Phoenix councilman Carlos Garcia was there last night and says he just saw young people who were energized fighting for justice not outside instigators as some of claimed and I think it's important for them to see us as elected officials out here understanding why they're protesting and that they could see the hopefully policy can change in conditions can change unless like RC also extending an invite the governor Ducey to meet with the people protesting the in custody death of George Ford of Minneapolis that has sparked a nationwide protest live in Phoenix Jim cross KTAR news there is a lawmaker wants more answers in the recent fatal shooting of a black man by a state trooper Dion Johnson was shot after being found asleep or passed out in a car on the loop one oh one near Tatum on Memorial Day Phoenix police say a gun was recovered at the scene bear couple county attorney Alistair Adele so she's waiting to get all the evidence in the case before deciding whether to bring charges against the trooper hopefully get it in the next thirty days we wanna make sure that we have careful and deliberate information before we make a charging decision a state representative Reginald bolding has sent a letter to DPH director colonel Helston sobered or Heston Silbert demanding more transparency in the case the PS he is investigating out about three hundred firefighters are battling the twenty one thousand acres sought to fire northeast of gold canyon which is only eight percent contained the fire is not an immediate threat to homes after structure protection was successful in the queen valley in elephant Butte communities yesterday the fire is burning through bone dry brush and grass created by heavy winter rainfall it result is re opening guidelines could get a passing grade of schools are given room to adjust hi Christine Thompson with expect more Arizona says flexibility will be pivotal to making them work she says schools are going to have different needs based on location size and which grades they teach each local education agency director charter at then and now it you can population and what type of access to internet or devices that they have she had some students and teachers are simply going to need more help than others under these unique circumstances local Penske KTAR news well we got a look at some surface street rex said this morning let's get a check on traffic.

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