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Through a couple of veterans groups. I got into fishing kayaking around the area and met up with an owner of a kayak shop that abortion. Just closed up your the kobe. But you know. We formed this community of veteran mostly kayakers and the area fire unofficial motto is. Just keep paddling. The second time. I went out kayaking with these guys. We went down to savannah. River down the rapids. I was freaked out all day long. They said it'd be fine. Just keep paddling. you'll be alright keypad. Chief paddle paddling keep back paddling. Just paddling just keep paddler paddling. Whatever direction. Brian either way when i lived in arkansas as a younger fella. There's not a lot in arkansas. I'm not a big fan of the state if i must admit so sardar consol listeners. Overstate people but we did have a lot of streams and rivers there to go tubing or canoeing on. And we'd go and i remember. Gosh i may have been sixteen at the time. We went on a kayak trip. And it was me and my dad or canoe trip and We overturned we overturned in the paddle was floating away. So i grabbed the paddle and i went to pull it. We were kind of in a light rapid and pull the paddle underwater. And i kept pulling and it popped out of the water and baseball swing. Hit my dad's square in the head. He was angry. But i didn't intend to. So that's my kayaking slash canoeing down the river. I kept paddling right into my fifty paddling. Right yes right. So my question is how do you get around the fact that kayaks have a shortage of cup holders. That's the biggest thing that keeps me from trying kayaking. As i got no place to put my beer of the modern ones have a couple or do they really especially the fishing one. If you don't have the cupholder there's usually a pot in the front you can throw a couple of prowlers probably not crawlers. You guys but a couple of bombers or something bryant short term memory like two weeks ago we went and cabela's and they had a pretty trick dot kayak there had the cup holders and stuff on it and he'd forgotten about that. I did and also i saw an opportunity for a bad jokes. Okay see how bad the joke was. Do track over the ago. We don't so what was what's the paddle of come from in the name. So the kayaking. What's backpedaling it's just going in reverse. Or what i just sometimes when you go down the rapids how yup yup the background after four paddle or whatever it really takes to get through those rapids. Okay just do it up just adjusting to the times tim. You just gotta just absolutely well. You're listening to the beer radio show. We need to take another break when we come back. We'll find out if.

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