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I'm not sure we can have you on a judge all right. Well it's been wonderful seeing you guys. Have i ever told good luck. Yeah yeah yeah. Let's let's see you're here. Let's just sure let's just say i've got nothing else going on. We're here yeah. Yeah i mean that's rare okay. So you're familiar with both characters. I'm not gonna ask you. Which one is your favorite. Even though it's clearly it's homer simpson with that being said how do you keep yourself. So centered and so judge like with us without leading to one side or another. Well i'm gonna. I'm gonna do what. I do on a daily basis which is compartmentalize every part of my life. So that i don't go into a downward spiral of shame and anxiety. I'm gonna pretend that i've never. I've never heard of these two characters. I have no idea why one character is is like this yellow color. The other character clearly is not shaped like a human being I'm gonna let you guys fill me on on all of this and and you know. I want to grab something off my shelf real quick here. I'm gonna. I'm gonna have my honorary judge drumhead badge share sitting next to me just so i just so i can keep my head straight and remember you guys remember the law. Well that means that whoever loses gets tried and sentence in pretty much executed at the end of the show Feel bad for your ray record for the people at home. He didn't miss speak. It's not judge dredd judge drug. Now i don't know what any of that means but i'm excited that you have that i made this 'cause i make things you know. Why not but yeah. My last name is rudd and so why not have an authentic judge drugged badge here with me at all times. I'm like in this. You know very rarely. Do the judges come prepared anticipating. They need paraphernalia. A them all if you will for the judge a ship of win this boats really..

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