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Run. Sheldon congratulations. First of all, this has to be everything you've been dreaming of short of winning a championship to get to this point. Absolutely I mean the beginning of the year we talk about winning races and and how many you WanNa win and trying to get to the final four. But the be here now for the season. and locked into the final four it has. Everything we want. Everything we've ever wanted all year and and we worked hard for it so. Yeah. Just really excited to two thousand a week early and have stress free this week. Realistically, other than the stress level going down that you just mentioned logistically what does that mean for you being able to not worry so much about Martinsville not that you don't want to compete hard because I know you do. But logistically, what does that mean for you in terms of how you and the team can allocate your time and resources looking ahead? Yeah absolutely. We've been. We've always putting. This weekend and next week we're going to focus on Phoenix Obviously, we still WANNA go to to Martinsville the fast track and and you know not forget about it but yeah, we can. Turn out resources in in our time more towards Phoenix in Affleck that'll be. A little bit of advantage there to. To put more time into it than others and not have to worry about this week. That being said when you do raise for the championship at Phoenix, it's Definitely. A different track than we see a lot people call it a short track even though it's a mile in length describe how that happens that you guys race it as short track but other people call it a bigger track and intermediate sized track. Yeah. I mean it is. It is I guess bigger, but it drives like a short-track just. Light, break or hits light break into one and two and enroll in, and then slowly back to the gas and then and the three you're you're pretty hard on the brakes. So it's more three and four is is short track issue and then wanted to just just Kinda Roland. So. A Fun track I love Phoenix ran their ran good there at least the last time the van but. incompetent. We have good notes in put the other good truck for next week and Like I've gotten a lot better the race car driver also this year so. Going to try to put all that together and and. Shot, now you're the twenty eighteen Arca champ. I wonder how that experience compares to this experience of racing for a championship in the trucks. Obviously, the format was a little different but what did you take away from that experience that that might be helping you now? Yeah, I mean just just lapse honestly Looking back now I feel like I. was clueless and. had. A ton of speed and I feel like that saved me a lot of the year. This was so fast but didn't race well It worked out where we haven't to be consistent. So. had a lot to learn Coming on the truck season. Yeah.

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