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So like three four five weeks have gone by and I'm doing this because show with Kevin the Gandhian John the Velma in my case am I doing okay or is is bad or good they're like has anybody talked to yet and I said no that's a good thing you don't find the final news is one thing I can tell you watching you and Jonathan together you genuinely like each other we really did there's a comfort there and I think you do love I will say this I think you love cut covering college football more than you do the NFL and I pushed hard to do more NFL early on it's just it's it's different it's a different animal and when you're when you're just so recently removed from it you have so many friends and former teammates and coaches and so it's so hard to say yeah you know I think so and so is going to win and then I think about the G. A. that I had the other coach on the other channels like Hey mark just regarding a family to feed it I would talk to those people yes you know later in the week and say Hey man sorry I picked against you they said oh we didn't even see it as is I don't care I'm like oh okay it doesn't matter right now it is there's more enjoyable people out there than on reasonable believe it or not so you're one of the most interesting figures to me in New York sports in the last couple of decades because here you are as the quarterback of a franchise that is so desperate for six as a rabid fan base you go to back to back AFC title games you are the manager and then it seems like it just disappeared quickly you know and if there's not a lot of jet quarterbacks that have had the success that that you had there right but yet when people you know talk about you sometimes I feel like there's more about the the end of the career more what could have been and then what was I do think though that time is going to serve you well people gonna look back my god the remarks entity with this team when you look back on it what it what it what's your overall thoughts of your career thongs listen it was it started off you know white hot we're talking like a fire work this thing was going and and had the right trajectory but boomer knows you got to develop a quarterback constantly it takes years and years and years and by year three I think after the success of your two we bring in all the the veteran leadership around in and sign a bunch free agents she's me you I think we fell in love with that idea so then the next year we go signed to new receivers guys who we sign Plaxico Burress sign Derrick Mason guys who I had worked out with a bunch and you got to develop a reporter with these guys Dustin Keller had finally had taken off and on Miami right guys get injured things change coaches that she's offense changes and it's I mean every year was a revolving door every year was a new formula instead of maybe a draft and develop mentality it was let's go signed some of the best guys on the market and see what happens in every time you do that you can roll the dice and it it just it just became difficult for everyone and as boomer knows as well that you know you you're either here or they go doesn't work out it's just say well see you later yeah and I woke up in Philly okay out of reality it is that it that's part of becoming a professional quarterback in understanding all of that but I think the success you had early on ended up hurting you for two reasons one I never thought you were a great match with rex Ryan rex Ryan.

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