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Over the holiday season the company says some of its top selling items include the echo dot fire TV stick with the likes of voice remote they also sold a lot of LOL surprise glitter globe doll winter disco series of versions of the doll and the iRobot Roomba six seventy five a robot vacuum WGN sports the black **** hearing that they've got to players who will be on the shelf for the end of the year through the end of the year defenseman Brent Seabrook will undergo surgery on his shoulder and hip defenseman Calvin de Haan set to undergo season ending surgery on his shoulder as well they'll host the New York Islanders tomorrow pre game with Chris Botha seven o'clock face off seven thirty John Wiedeman and Troy Murray on the call on seven twenty WGN and WGN radio dot com in less than thirty minutes we've got college football coming up right here on seven twenty WGN Louisiana tech taking on Miami in the independence bowl your money on WGN let's take a look at the markets as we see them right now the stock market is up the Dow up forty five points as M. P. five hundred is up ten points the nasdaq is up fifty four points right now your temperatures we got sixty degrees at o'hare sixty two degrees at midway it's sixty two degrees in Frankford in sixty one degrees along Chicago's lakefront time Ryan borough on Chicago's very own seven twenty WGN if the urine still act mattress firm receiving some of the six hundred dollars when you get a king bed for the perfect queen queen for twin Regis will base we spend just four ninety nine don't miss our top five this leaves memory foam queen mattress now just three ninety nine visit Matt from dot com or store near you to try your perfect bed today your body stretches for matches firm of about four hundred plus last indications of Robert all for sale requires motorists to move over and slow down for police or any other emergency vehicles parked alongside the roadway these men and women are more than law enforcement officers firefighters paramedics.

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