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Clock was an example where that actually worked worked. Where when you hear that grandfather clock you know you're in the Richland's house well and the difference there between the windbreaker man and the grandfather clock is the grandfather clock is actually emotionally evocative Aug. in a way that the wind windbreaker is not and I think that that's why it feels organic to the story because we know what it means to eleanor? And it's kind of a reminder of life before she knew all of this and so because it has an emotional place in the world of the story it doesn't doesn't feel expository every time you hear the grandfather clock. Let's talk about the cast. How did you arrive on Gillian? Jacobs and Josh Scan Gillian signed on first and I've been a big fan of hers. I love the show. Love on Net flicks She he was in an independent film. That came out a couple of years called. Don't think twice. I just think she's really talented. And the process of making this only made me have more respect for her She really really feels into the Into this character and into these moments so quickly ineffectively and You know one of the things with the series that we wanted was to make sure that it was very clear and accessible to people who have never listen to an audio drama before So she really invested in making sure that the emotions were true but the things got across to the Audience Josh Gad is arguably one of the most successful voice actors of our our generation eighties. He's law from frozen but You know the idea of Olaf you know the voice that you know as the snowman from frozen being this sort of morally ambiguous Drug addicted brother was just too great. I also just As a writer my favorite part of the of the process is when you actually get to see what the actors do with the writing and what rings true for them uh-huh and what doesn't and what and what they choose to tweak. Because at the end of the day you know we write these scripts and you can make all these plans. But they're the only ones who are actually diving down in there and seeing what's inside and what does it feel like to be inside these these scenes and so it's always a wonderful moment when they come back out and Kinda report back like what's going on in there what worked what didn't and They were they're both. You know very very very sensitive great readers and and great Critics and I I felt like they brought a lot to the To the story into into the script in the studio I know from working with actors on audio dramas that they often express that this is is one of the purest forms of acting that they've experienced they get to forget blocking and camera angles and wardrobe make up and just just really embodied the character as wondering two things. Did your cast express any opinions about acting in an audio drama that it was different for them and And how did they embody the character did day themselves bring any improvisation to the roles We recorded for about a week in Los Los Angeles And they both Did say that. They felt like a lot of the tools that they usually have. Were taken away from them in this case. So you know if you can rely on a on a look where gesture when you're acting for for television or film that's available to you. I think any any actor would love that. There's no hair and makeup required. You just roll into the studio That's just anybody's dream but on top of that. I think that they both had to figure out how to Play the intention of a moment with just their voice as far as improvisation. Yeah they did a lot especially in the scenes. That was them talking. They were really active participants in figuring out starting with the script. What What would make it work in fact and we have big twist at the end? which for some reason you're listening to this and you haven't listened all six episodes We find out at the very end that Peter Richland a father is actually still alive. That was Joshua's idea. He said You've got to have him come back at the very last minute. And so we recorded a couple of different front ideas for endings and that was the one that we went with and so that was a contribution right there from Josh. I find that incredible. It seems like the big tee up for season two was an improvisation it feels completely built in to the story ARC. It was something that Ben and I had considered but we to be honest we toss it off as to soap opera. Ish like he's actually still alive but over the course of making it we kind of came around and then when we listen to it we were like. Yeah I think this works. I mean this obviously sets up a big train running to go into season two that we have to address. Yeah absolutely and you know. This happens. A lot with collaborations where it's like. You know we. We had discussed an eliminated that as a possibility for the for the end of the series and yet Josh was pointing out that we actually kind of wrote it in. I mean like you said Lindsey like it's in it's in there was still in the in the writing and but I'm just I'm so happy that he that he recognized recognized it and And pointed out. Well now that you've got your new improvised season to What do you think is coming coming for us? What what can we expect for me? Season one like like what Marshall said is about is about to people who find themselves caught in a situation. That's much much much larger than anything they've ever had to deal with and they have to decide how to react and they each choose a different course and by the end of season one. They've they've made their choices and season two for me. They're going to have to confront the consequences intentional or unintended of those choices and those consequences are are not anything like what they're expecting. They're very surprising. Very challenging changing Very very intense. I'd also say that you know as for that that final final twist. I think that even even as adults we we kinda behave one way when we think that our parents might be watching us and a little differently when we know they aren't and There's definitely a gap between the two. And I think the season two is gonNA live in that gap and Michael and Eleanor can have to confront that gap. Yeah I think the Ark of the first season was really this idea that Michael and eleanor on an inevitable path to breaking between between each each other that their reaction to this big moment at the beginning when their parents die is that they are not going to be on speaking terms. uh-huh when when season two starts and I think that that is definitely going to be the jumping off point on top of everything else that they sort of both have a large share share in this company that they're still questions around. What happens with Santino? They're still obviously questions about what's going to happen. Now that we know that Dr Richland is Back Jack or a WHO he. WHO's GonNa know that information and we are going to start from there as we dive in this season to well? I'm excited for season. Two and looking forward to who it later this year then Marsha thanks for talking with me thanks Lindsay great talking with you. Thanks for having me. That was my conversation with Benjamin Gray and Marsha Louis the writer and director factor of blood ties Blantyre Season Two will premiere July twenty twenty. Be Sure to subscribe to get all the updates and be the first to hear the season two trailer from. I'm wondering this was a special behind the scenes. Look at the making of blood ties. If you'd like to help us spread the word please give blood ties. A five star review. Tell your friends to subscribe wondering podcasts are available on Apple podcasts. spotify cast box and every major listening APP as well as wondering Dot Com. If you're listening on a smartphone tap or swipe over the cover art of this podcast you find the episode notes and offers from our sponsors when you support our sponsors. You help bring shows like blood ties to you for free another way. You can and support the show spy filling out a quick survey at wondering dot com slash. Survey thank you. This episode of blood ties was hosted by meet Lindsey Graham produced by early Hernandez Executive Producers Are Maggie Monaco Marshal Louis and Hernan Lopez for wandering..

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