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Avenue still a little sluggish on the lower deck of the four to Cambridge our next report of six twenty five from the Presbyterian senior Kerr network traffic center I'm Scott Stiller on newsradio ten twenty KDKA thank you very much Scott there is still a severe thunderstorm watch until eight o'clock for portions of the listening area around his work so bees please be on the look out strong thunderstorm any thunderstorm can bring hail and damaging winds the rest of tonight we're looking at clear skies partly cloudy lo sixty tomorrow less humid sun mixing with some clowns high both days near eighty degrees for from the wife will miss in the fourth Steelers for two weeks in the camp and there are soon going to get a chance to play a game tomorrow night they open the preseason against Tampa Bay in the first of two consecutive games at Heinz field now someone I can't wait to get out of the field is tackled Gerald Hawkins a fourth round pick back in twenty sixteen shoulder injury cost of his rookie season but he played only five games forty seven snaps in the seventeen season and then missed all of last year with a torn quadriceps muscle once you start by your by go not get hurt as we have a so it's got a warm up for majors and turn the key again it was a long through the first two weeks of camp Parkins has been working behind all the little wave at left tackle the Steelers today out at a local player to the roster cornerback Trae Evan Mathis he played his high school ball would would wanna hills and that his college ball at Toledo.

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