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The Dan O'Donnell show coming right back. For own your vehicle care, you need experience. Honesty, and integrity, certified female friendly. Matt Cary's craftsman auto care, rockstar technicians. You can trust at craftsman auto care dot com. When snagging foes in books, spring green cash contest is presented by cruise and tour experience worry free group travel with like minded, travelers Twi Connex sites all over the world. Start your adventure at cruise dash tour dot com, you really can't turn on the TV without an insurance company offering you less coverage, quite frankly for less money when they say they can save you fifteen percent in fifteen minutes with they really mean is they can cut your insurance coverage to the bare bone and give you the cheapest possible price. It's a truth of life. You get what you pay for. And that's why I am encouraging you to sit down with state farm insurance agent. Joe wolf, I did we had a great conversation. About my unique insurance needs. And if you have questions about auto home health life and business insurance, specifically if you have the right kind of insurance, and maybe you are actually overpaying if you went online, you might not necessarily be getting the best price for the best coverage. Joe will make sure that you do. Call him today at two six two two four one eight to nine two or visit him online at ensure M K E dot com. Imagine a cancer patient who thought he had run out of options getting his life back after a groundbreaking treatment. I'm Dr Jim Thomas medical colleges and director of clinical research with the freighter in the Medical College. Wisconsin cancer network recently, researchers at the Medical College Wisconsin developed a clinical trial that extended the life of a man with full mom would not responded to other treatments given to him at freighter hospital. This unique form of Carty cell therapy re. Engineered is.

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