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Right. The Winklevoss ETF denied. Right. Like all of the other crypto native ETF proposals denied. And they're just the claim, the conspiracy is that they were just biding their time for some of the bigger players to come in. And it's just interesting that Fidelity, Citadel, BlackRock, all of these trad institutions with trillions of dollars of AUM and strong political connections all seem to come into crypto at once. Right after the SEC and other regulators start hammering crypto native orgs. And so just the timing on this is curious. I don't know if I think if I talk to somebody like Jake Stravinsky or somebody a little bit more measured, they would just say, yes, it's curious, but there's not really a there there. But I think everyone in crypto is like, yo, what the F is up with this timing? Do you have any thoughts on that Anthony? Yeah, I mean, the timing is what I think a lot of people are latching onto when it comes to putting their conspiracy hat on. Right. But there is another lens you can view this from. You can basically view this as these tradfi institutions had their hands forced by the SEC because the SEC went after Coinbase, the biggest crypto company in the US. They went after a bunch of different tokens or used those tokens as evidence against Coinbase. Obviously, they went after Binance, which isn't US. I mean, Binance US, but obviously they're trying to extend that to Binance Global as well. So I think that maybe these tradfi institutions were already interested in getting into crypto. They just hadn't announced their plans yet. And then because the SEC went after Coinbase especially, they're like, OK, well, we need to send the signal back now that we're actually wanting to play in this arena. And the SEC needs to calm down with whatever they're trying to do. Interesting. OK, so that's actually just like the pro crypto. It's like they were they were always ready to pull this trigger.

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