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And out and lost six total yards. And then when they were down eight. They were moving the ball and we all know that LaFleur. They stalled in the in the red zone at the goal line, and they ended up kicking the field will give the ball back to Brady down five and they never got the ball back. If I'm Rogers, even if I can't stand Goodykoontz, even if I can't stand Mark Murphy, and it seems if he likes the flurry, said down to Kenny Mayne interview. He likes the teammates to I'm not telling you to spend your rest of your career there. For this year, though it's already July fit. The season starts early September. Just stay there for this year and then tell the team I'll play nice this year. I'm going to try everything I can to win a Super Bowl. But this is it. This is done and they are from you. Contract extension. Maybe ends have taken it But he hasn't yet. If he really wants out, I would wait one more year at this point. It's like you're going to Denver. It's not as if you're getting traded to the Saints. It's not as if you're getting traded to a team that's ready. But now and now. Yeah, you're bringing Rogers. You're expected to win. But you're in a team that Roger has been on for his entire career, and even they've had problems getting over the hump. With a team that has 13 wins. 26 The last two years. And the Broncos. I don't like their coaching Vic Fangio. I don't like Pat Shurmur. I would wait until both those guys get fired. If you really want to go to Denver, then you get traded to Denver and away you go. And you can Pete up against Mahomes to end up your career. But I did see that the Packers over under number was at nine. And even though that tells me in Vegas doesn't think that he's coming back, and they want people to hammer the number right now, if I see that I'm betting the over on nine because I still think in my heart that Roger is going to be back. So I was going through the list, and usually I like to go right if we're doing over and just to give you Two overs. Three unders. Three overs to one. There's whatever it would be. Pick five numbers that I like. And I like the over and all five of them. So let's start with Green Bay Love Green Bay over the nine because I think Rogers will be there. They won 13 games last two years. This year, you gotta 17th game. Saints. Get it. I'm not saying the same script in that division. I understand that Drew Brees is no longer there The last two years, though, Drew Brees is miss significant times and they've done really well without you breeze. Yeah, you'd rather have Drew Brees. But I do think there's going to be some redemption. I'm not gonna tell you gonna be great. I do think there will be redemption here for Jameis Winston. And with that roster In a conference where you feel good about the box. You feel good about the Packers. Assuming Rogers there the West. There's 34 really good teams, but you don't know who is going to rise to the top there in that division. Because you could order that one to forever you wanted. Nothing would surprise me. I do think that the Saints will be a wild card team. And I would say that they're going to be 10 or 11 wins this year. The Saints I think they'll be better than nine and eight. So I do like the Saints on the over so far, McKee and just yes or No? Do you agree? Yes or no Green Bay and the over of nine No, you don't. You think the under cause you don't think Roger's gonna be there? Yeah, That's my opinion. Okay. Saints over under nine. No wonder why not? You don't trust Jamis. Winston to turn over. No, I don't. I think they'll put him in a good spot. There was a division will be better. Well, it's funny. You say that to another number. If you think the division is going to be better, that means you're either putting a lot of stock with the Falcons or the Panthers. Will put stock that Carolina I'm not telling you, Caroline to make the playoffs. Think Carolina who improved defensively the second half of the year. They have a really good offense. McCaffrey back you have DJ more You also have Robby Anderson quarterback is a big question. Mark was Sam Donald. He had a little jolt of energy from from Sam Donaldson to think out of New York. I think the Panthers could be an eight or nine when football team this year and there at seven a half. You agree with that Donald is something to prove. 8/8 half now, the last two numbers here. I think these are low. Because I see the Chiefs went in 13 14 games. Chiefs 12.5 You got to like the Chiefs on the over there at 12.5. If you're going to everybody, the Chiefs in the next 10 years, it's either over or that's it. Yes, right. I would not bet the under in any confidence with Kansas City bet Mahomes to not be able to do anything. Well, the only if you're better the under You just think my home is going to get hurt seriously and To try to prognosticate that is just stupid. And then finally and I said, Here we go again. It's the Cleveland Browns and its first than 10. Here we go. Brown is there we go Roof and no, I'm not a Browns fan. But I do want to see the Browns do well because I love teens that for years and years and years Losers, and then they get their moment because it does have a great reaction from a fan base that has been tortured and definitely deserves a winner. The Browns at 10.5. It's a good division, right? You got the Ravens. I think the Steelers won't be that bad, but they're also not going to be great, and I would hope that the Bangles could be competitive or else sack. Taylor is going to get fired. I wouldn't be stunned, actually thinks that Taylor will get fired. Joe Burrow is going to be a good player with Tamar Chase. I do like the Browns on the over of 10.5. They got 11. Last year. You had an extra game. We saw the Browns. Not meet expectations two years ago, So the fancy comes in. They won 11 games. I do like the Browns over 10.5 you with me on that? Yes, Absolutely. All right, So I'm going five overs right there. First. Look, Panther 7.5. Rounds. 10.5 Chiefs 12.5 Packers Saints both over on the nine when we come on back John is gonna play. CP three or Devin Booker for finals MVP or the Sun is going to win the finals. Eddie Johnson is breaking down. Sons Bucks next five minutes, CBS.

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