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Obviously, Vic, fantastic events of coordinator. One thing that Washington is doing that Vick would do more so when he was in San Francisco, I don't think he does it as much though I may be wrong with that. Is that Eric Washington lobs to play those linebackers Leuke cly and Thomas Davis way off into the line? Yeah, right. And for a predominantly covers three defense when you play those linebacker so far up into the line, you're giving a lot. Of space into the just the center of the field that intermediate Zakar area that we were just talking about right now. In your ideal situation, you have a robber, a safety who's coming right down into that spot. He's kind of filling that cover three area running covers robber. That'd be ideal. But when teams go a heavy, you know, twelve, thirteen personnel. Mike, I don't know if you've heard the eagles run that a lot. Forty, four percent? Yeah. When you bring those formations in and unisex that they bring that extra safety down into the box and line them up a lot tighter into the line, you leave that void very, very heavy. So what is this? What does this translate to number one, those close of linebackers yet you can definitely PanAm pull those guys. You can definitely trap those guys. Your targets are much closer line of scrimmage of you. Give them. I candy and they step forward will linebackers four yards off the ball still thirds off ball. You can adjust. You can go get outside changes, angle a linebackers, like three yards off the balls now to yards off the boys got last roomed operate right game of inches. But when these linebackers are forward like that you're able to strike them well, and that's definitely what you saw from Washington is washing, was able to bring those linebackers vary tight into the line of scrimmage on them when they executed pimple there or or traps ideas. They're able to seal off those linebackers easily. They've had good angles for their offense lineman. Conversely, we do have struck by the opposite, which is that when you're trying to run inside zone. Up the gun on those guys. It can be very difficult because Keithly Thomas Davis shack Thompson coming, smash your head all three Norplant a quite high levels. Thomas Davis, obviously, older becoming off the suspensions. We little fresher thinks shack, Thomas panning out nicely. The little overhang guy on opposite Keith on monster is still playing incredibly high level. So these guys will get very aggressive coming downhill into zone flow. But when you can incorporate us document jet ideas, things to slow their attack than you can pull up inside. But also you can just take advantage of how hard they played down into the into the line. The second idea then immediately which was all eagles fans should shoot here. When we have aggressive linebackers close to line of scrimmage, usually go RPO game. You simply you're gonna you your RPO's put linebackers in places of conflict and already by alignment by being so far into line of scrimmage, Mike, they're already put into a dangerous spot because they're too close to the run, and they're too far away from those zone drops those quick three steps Lancer gonna hit those quick. Five yard ends are gonna. So on and so forth on. So I expect heavy RPO game the quick game as not necessarily not necessarily something to come out with on the opening script, but something to lean on if you get into a bind, if the Carolina defense is holding you down for the first couple wraps, I think that that quick game or something that can really open up the officer Philadelphia again, attacking that middle area of the field that linebackers are vacating because they're stepping so far forward..

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