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I think my dad realize that my mom had the support of her children and so he needed change tomorrow when i stopped drinking lee lucas. Who's i told. Jesus you'll say gustav. I know that i like the vice of alcohol. They're all going to ask you for one condition. They're harassed if i leave this but sent amigo conquer your yenisei. Show me something that. I can fill that emptiness easy for me. What did will kantar and he said. Look you like to sing us. How for modern buffalo You're going to join a church choir. You're going to sing there every sunday. Don't need to drink to sing. I thought and i thought okay. Can you sang a little bit of something that you would sing in the choir Your grassi beat me. Non was in three kontos. More perotti momo Saying your is toners emperor. Their mom stika to low more view. Etr andhra also. The at wider rubio hasn't had a drink and more than thirty years. He and maria have been married for sixty three years. Maria is eighty one now. She can no longer make tortillas because of arthritis in her hands. What do you think is special about. Maria was good therapy one quarter soon. She has a good heart. she's definitely totally different person that she was forty years ago but she sometimes she just really has a hard time. I think she just has a lot of anger towards having had to put up with so much for so long. My mom i think has really overcome a lot especially with relations to like mental health She hasn't really in. My opinion sought out the kind of supports that exists in that she would need. I mean i guess. That's the thing that i think makes her that much stronger. Is that for her. It's it's it's trusting in the unseen. Are you happy that you saw jesus on a tortilla. Let's see me philli's yes. I'm very happy. Paid all home by momentum moments where i'm happy and sometimes i think whether it was true or personas or what happened hip within the one always has doubts yet. Seguida they land. I want to continue to be thinking that the tortilla was about for me. You know. I want to continue thinking that it was a good thing. I do believe in miracles. Because i say god to me that the everyday is america. Because every day i wake up a be alive ee though the law the every day i'm fine. Throughout this season slate plus members have got an exclusive access to more episodes of one year on the culture of nineteen seventy seven on tomorrow's they plus episode slates sam.

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