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Everybody's been touched. I read a I read an article the other day that there are so many of us even though it's such a small amount of us that actually serve but you're within three people of a veteran at all times somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who's a veteran. You're only six people away from knowing everybody on the planet six levels of influence, but when it comes to Veterans you only three levels away at a maximum. Most people know at least five veterans. Yeah. Like I said, I know three just rattling off I played for three, you know direct influence. I you know, tune the family direct, you know Childers. I know I'm not alone on that. So folks again, we're going to use a little technology here, but Please make your voice maybe hit play. It's got my intro and it's boom boom. Boom. There's a play button on this thing. Yeah, somewhere down below that microphones a little play. But with her, I don't know if the sound will come through or not. But let's just hit play Let's just hit play and see what happens. Placing a plane. Here we go. There it goes. Nope, so no sound coming from there. So well, I'll figure that out. Maybe that's something I can do in the future. It's gotta be some way to have have some sound in there. So but with that being said so so folks again. If you if you scroll down a little bit Kenny, yeah, buddy. Hold on just a little bit. Stop right there. Can you find me in there Kenny? I'll give you a hint. I'm not short. Oh there you are right in right in the back with your sunglasses on that's right. All right. Forgot way before I grew all this. Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. So that's two thousand and five Bravo Company 431 infantry of the tenth Mountain division Camp Justice and Kata Mia Iraq, and those young men are my heroes. They were some and are some amazing human beings. I think that was honored their leader. I think the mall and think obviously anyone who's listening to this that's served lost someone that served think think you all home. So I offered a swag bag for the trifecta obviously do the same for the first person that hops on Veterans Iraq Rattle and Roll and rant Rattle and Roll with mr. Wolfman David Parker. So obviously he will do you offer a separate email for the veterans rent rattled and roller you want to get a hold of David at veterans R R I decided I didn't want to spell it all the way out. So veterans were off. All right Rattle and Roll or if you're of Spanish descent, it could be so whatever works for you. You can either or you can fax or either one works. All right, $1. That's right. Exactly. Right. So listen, I.

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