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I'm not kidding happened like ten times. The kid would go. Oh, yeah, I like that part. When the monster came out, so the kid would recite the memory as I. I liked it every time. The parent they thought the kid had been too scared, but sure kids like bean scared. The biggest takeaways you you look at the cards and you see what is like overwhelmingly on multiple cards and Louis yes. Yes, but I do think about you know you hear stories about projects like McBride's foot fist way which tested like shits and you almost understand because. Is this outside the box project that people don't even know what they're thinking when they're watching. Because it feels so unique, yes, or idiosyncrasy I don't think ever broke thirty like. Like three times in wasn't couldn't even get to fifty. And that's your perspective is being an actor in it. Who is there for probably a couple of months right and you think about Mike Judge, and now like now that I've been on the other side of the camera where it's like Oh my God. Making a movie is so insane and like you really put everything into it and you. You Hope it works my movies coming out this week, and I feel so vulnerable those and like obviously I wanted to work for personal reasons, but I also just really thinking about everyone else involved. All these people trusted me and believed in me and I wanted to work for them. I mean Dude I made a movie for a million bucks hit and run, and I literally taking money from a human being in palm springs where a real human paid for this. I guess the thing. I hope you're thinking about a lot that has helped me I was so depressed after chips, and I had a meeting with Kevin Smith about something completely unrelated, but we started talking about that experience, and he said listen man. The thing I recommend is imagine going to yourself on the playground in fifth grade like Dave Franco fifth grade in you go. Hey, dave, it's me Dave so when you grow up. You'RE GONNA be in movies, and you're gonNA fucking. Make one in fifth grade Dave Franko be like. Get the fuck I'm GonNa make a movie fifth grade. Dave Franco was debilitating shy okay. In any world fifth grade Dave Franco goes. How much did it make Dave? Ever be on your radar. No I know and here's here's what I will say is again. Obviously I hope people like it. Obviously I hope people see it. Would I take comfort in is that the final product is pretty damn close to what I initially conceived in what initially was pitching, so I gotta just be happy with that. I made the movie I wanted to make and I have people around me. Who let me make that movie in? Let me take big swings and try to do. Something within this Johner. That felt a little different. Yeah, you know as fucked up. This whole pandemic has been like one silver lining is that these smaller films actually are getting a little bit more of spotlight for a couple of reasons, we're not having to compete with these giant blockbusters that are having to push to later in the year, and also people just need new content and so i. feel like there's also this Tennessee right now, and maybe I'm just speaking for myself. Is that like my standards have been lowered during the search? Through all the material shows and Good and just anything new feels exciting. We'll take any extra little boost we can. We can get at this point now back to the fifth grade. Day Franko so..

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