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Davies six point lead eagles. Taylor wills to serve again she is a senior defense the specialist. seventeen a twelve. a player I haven't talked about much in this game but he's done an excellent job defensively for Daviess. number sixteen he'll just. but another kill forgery Solberg. again she leads the team in it a six point lead here at Davies high school. the Davies eagles are undefeated in the EDC at two and Shanley is one and one. and right now on the horn Bach you score board it is Davies eighteen hole and the Stanley deacons thirteen and they serve as a service error. Albert a service error back to back service there's the Schenley. Hey Hannah Hodel. yes Sir did. right to the net. medic purchaser for Davies nineteen thirteen six point Lee Davis keep the baby's death it in play. that hill. scores for Stanley. excellent assist by Kinsey Langley. in on the kill was Cooper. and again a reminder that we will have after this game is over our discovery benefits post game show. discovery benefits if you're career's been more of a loss than a win you need to go online to discovery benefits dot com to check out their open positions discovery.

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