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I'm going to make a pretty big statement i think the actress any across from me right now is one of the first real anti heroes you probably ever saw on television before walter white cooked math on breaking bad before dr house insulted his patience nicolas campbell played dominic davinci a coroner who wasn't always warm or even likeable what are know two do you realize this technically these are property of the corner surface i can is happy subpoenaed want me to do annually you're doing and i don't appreciate and what am i doing exactly you don't appreciate my job nicolas kamil played a stern hard living coroner on to vent his inquest and thanks to that role in some pretty sensational rumors he might have heard some people out there believe that nicholas campbell is that rough character but these days you can find him performing in the canadian premier of jerusalem it's an english play the did very well on broadway and in london's west end it's all about a washed up daredevil who lives in the woods drinking and partying with teenagers and the role nicklaus campbell plays might surprise you it's happier than usual nicholas campbell welcome to the q offcials road rear so i i don't need to be nervous right now to and all of you i'm just a canadian actor well people must make that assumption about you though based on the work he did previously that you're going to be this rough tough guy is essential sometimes i do were it's more a personal style as a tend to say was on my mind whenever and some people aren't comfortable with that i try and toner down now getting older so you have turned out a little bit older totally i'm not really that guy anyway one and i wonder i had heard that there are actually like people who had come up to you and get you to sort of scare teenagers straight all the time all the time it was consistent thing we'll larry campbell used always always got down as well i was with him several times even on crime scenes and people come up could dr my kids and would you do it no i'm an actor.

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