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Carruthers? While I did I asked me, coach by me. I mean, yeah, I think I think it's one of those things this difficult to, to translate to a different star what you said about the women's starts under nothing is probably the most people on the very unusual circumstances where running such small fail. Then you've got that changes over decisions. I think that risk fat if someone is probably greater than someone in the in the general failed and prophecies not something that needs to be right. On fooling Kim sang circumstances. But I suppose you'd think about pacing shows this hour trees, as you, you know, you know what you'll try indicated and it's absolutely vital that you don't get written day. It's the same old message. I guess, don't get greedy in the early in the early and you won't you don't have that kind of experience over the last twenty miles, but. Until you think circumstances that, that women are unique and, and does present the opportunity, something they town and web cops wouldn't do elsewhere. Yeah. I mean yeah. Wait, wait where you all putting yourself in your own mindset for a long period of time, which is what you have to do at London. Maybe you don't have to do that. In other races, you can distract him to other things because his people Ranji. Yeah. So haley. Like what he's next for you. What do you have? Where do you go from from that? What you looking forwards to say the this week, I've really enjoyed just getting back to proper training from yesterday and said, we're going to focus on doing some short stuff over the summer and possibly another under the Maratha in the autumn. But I think we at to put anything in stone. Boy, it'd be nice to find. Truck work and doing vitality ten K on Monday. So that'll be interesting to return to London the scene of crying. Yeah. Yeah. You start where I finished last time. So I'm running away from where. We finished scoop, though to that. Yeah. I this bad thing. It'd be nice to you know, I think tackle the marathon again. Yeah. But how. So giving you going to do speedwork, right. You'll you may know we ask everybody the same question. Just give up that mirror. Right. Give up stuff and instead run six months amazing training dams can stupi coach if you won. Amazing training. Okay. And coach somebody like to be honest, you can still get it wrong. In a in a mile. So how about one single mile as far as you can with six months, amazing training. Helen's it warm up. I know twenty nine. Twenty. This is a form because I don't want to say too fast 'cause Donald might me do it. One mile spoil as, as you can as fast as I can four fifty nine just nine seconds year 'cause you gotta get inside. Yeah. Gotta get inside on, on a ludicrously slow. You don't get away with that. Play it safe. Yeah. We could tonight and do that. I'm busy. So what are we gonna do full fifty eight? Just that one. Second gonna stay on your feet. Yep. Right. All right. Haley, thanks so much for giving us a little bit of insight into your, your marathon, some of the mechanisms perhaps behind. And that whole hitting the deck. It was still great to see racer, personal best and run really strongly, so. Yeah, well, thank you. Thank you. Thanks finals. Thanks. Thank you. Right. That's it for this week. Holy rush. What are you up to? Well, I'm she had access dragons starting black Mesa. Tally is doing it friend of the show this. Yes. Well, my mate Allen, who's the front runner, he does crazy stuff lettuce. He's doing so I thought because I'm thoroughly nice. In fact, I paced him as well and his last hundred and not share paste him very well. I'm gonna head out onto the court type fighting the stakes heading back towards me Bracken's way. If the weather's lovely I'm gonna head out there, take a bag of sandwiches, couple of pork pies. Get up in the mountains, and Chit Chit big Al on. And whoever else is out there and just enjoy the trail running. And then on the Saturday, I'm taking my godson to his first park run. That's nice. Where are you going to go? We're gonna get to Mowbray which is actually reasonably new one and that's when he lives, he lives near there. So he's been doing some training. And he's yet. See preside for it. So I'm gonna go there and potentially pace him round. Bobby? Signal that will be lovely breakfast, which is always good books when he was a lovely thing to do. I nine. After always mildly problematic L has, hopefully, though, I should be also doing some training picking up some sessions as, as I move forward into my competitive rating season. Right. It's time to look at these take him the events that you have submitted to the marathon talk events pages at math and took dot com where you'll running in the next four weeks saying this week, we have at Bir Matin festival wish on Saturday. The twenty fifth may than we got the Glenda lawf- lap of the GATT marathan on Saturday. Twentieth of may. We've also got the Landon Brad, we got the, the Mont city marathon on Sunday turned sick for night. The following week is the western it's the western Sydney Baratheon on Saturday, June, the first and the Essex stucco marathon on Saturday, June the first and the lakeland trails. Coniston marathon than the dairy wool city marathon on Sunday, the second of June. He infiltrated. Now, I go on society, gene, which is weekend for Heineken race to the tower. Another one day in the Hampshire hope it marathon, and half marathon on the ninth Sunday, the ninth, gene, and the Hampshire hope it on the night of June. And that's all I'd go for the stripper. They're finally four weeks times Salomon tro Maratha in way. Ohs the L G T out pin marathon in Stein. And the Nick moment. Troch cars marathon, Vance. Is it relent? So that's it for us. This week on Holly rush. He's watching yelling and that was marathon talk.

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