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As much magic michael jeter. I hated jordan healed us as he got older. I'm like i'm gonna miss seeing that guy. The him with o'brien. But i miss lebron that talked about lebron covered back to go into the lakers joke over if if he goes to the lakers and that championship is celebrated. Then you know what i want. You know what you know what they should do. They should literally have like the pre-game for that. Should literally like eighth graders playing first-grader football and then doing long fucking interviews with the eighth graders when they won talking about coming together as a team and all that type of shit. I'm telling you do like to go the lakers wearing where some stupid number. Like forty nine or something. You know what i mean like. It'll be just the worst. It's what sports is become. And your. I saw some more on trying to say that pylon teams are not a new thing. It was so dumped. He he's trying to sit there saying like talking about like those teams in the eighties and celtics like those teams were built. Built yet through trades drafts. The it wasn't like magic and james worthy sat on a yacht during the off season going. Hey man would it be great if we all played insane team fucking more on the guy this guy at the top ten sports myths and he tried to say that that was his put pylon teams were smith wasn't in go back and look at the teams that didn't win it in those areas. That were built. The i watch hardwood classics a couple of weeks ago. They had the nine hundred eighty five all star game on the milwaukee bucks had four guys on the eastern all stars. They won seven straight seven. Straight fifty win seasons all built through the draft in trades. And this is what the guy was saying though his justification that they were pylon teams. Despite the fact nobody piled on was that in the in the eighties the lakers the celtics. The sixers and the pistons were the only ones who won championships. Everybody else was without and he goes so it was. It was good for the league. And that's an complete bullshit because what they didn't realize was that despite the fact that the bucks never came through they had sydney moncrieff. Sigma terry cummings jack. Paul presi what jackson was on that was on the floor but no he came to the bucks in amid as tonics he was he was a he came to the box back then back then you had you had blockbuster trades like when moses malone went to the sixers there would be an or kareem. Went to the lakers. But there wasn't like what what happened in boston. Just overnight a. We went from the worst team in the league to winning the championship. And we fucking go. We got kevin garnett for nothing from kevin mchale. That should have been investigated the same way the way. The lakers got a power to jerry jerry. West was with fucking that who was was whipped to fucking grisly grizzlies. Yeah like both. Those trades were complete behind enemy lines. Bullshit and then we got round. That's why i wasn't upset. When ray went to miami. I was like dude. That's how we got him. He wasn't ours wasn't a celtic keeper. I still look at him like he's one of the great. The great staff played for the organization. But it's a different thing where he was like you become like a mercenary. Just bring you in a couple of weeks ago. Lebron had. There's this big news that he says he's gonna add an hour to the podcast. I'll end with this a couple of weeks ago. Lebron had this big news where he tweeted out his top three players of all times. Some big publication tweeted at him. Like hey brian. You've never talked about that. So everybody's like on the edge there see what's his victory so he named. I'm not going to be mad at the list in a way because it's hard. It's so subjective. Three players really. He said larry bird which i thought. That was pretty cool. Birds the greatest small forward in the history of the game. I don't know about it. Put it on the greatest three lists. He said michael jordan. Yeah that's great. That's easy dr j. I love dr j. that's great. Maybe that's not. But how do you tweet back to him. I go really. How do you leave. Karim off the list guy won six titles one of which in milwaukee to boot. That's kind of like a guy winning one in cleveland. Oh wow that'd be like if somebody wanted. Cleveland is what i said. I said he won one in milwaukee to boot won since that'd be like somebody one in cleveland. That's what i tweeted at. Jesus christ very clever way of saying well. Thanks for leaving buddy exactly so i. I like dr j. i loved. This is why because big thing with me is changing the game. Yes and lights fine. And i'm fine with his list. I'm so how do you leave karima. Cream with kareem. If i only had three. I would have to pick three guys. Who changed the game. So be jordan. It would be dr j. And then i would have to be somebody else that i. I'm not aware of from the sixties like russell. I mean i mean you get lost. Was it. oscar rahm through scott all the point. Yeah yeah. Oscar was great. People don't realize how great bob pettit was about it. Was i know that there's somebody from that era. Because that's that's one of those things with like stand up. We had like like what lenny bruce did took it. First of all you had the vaudeville guys. Whoever the first guys to do that then. You haven't lenny bruce. Did then you had what prior did. And what prior did i feel like. What jordan did what. There's just some guys the the genius at such a level that it's you it's you can't surpass it. Yeah it's they almost take it to the end. I would say like james brown. James brown the the music that he made. There's been a zillion funk bands after him but nobody ever took it to another level game yet. Never think jeb are. I don't know how you can leave tomorrow for you. Changed the game. He changed it he. He won six titles magic. Never one without it. How old how did he change. The game changed the game by well first off they outlawed dunking right but they would wilt chamberlain the because of well. Here's how he changed. The game both ends of the floor. He was russell. Russell couldn't do what jabbar did on the offensive end. You can say wilt chamberlain. Yeah he was dominant but because they moved jabbar away from the basket chamberlain couldn't do anything away from the basket. Jabbar developed the skyhook from twenty feet out and he was. He was russell on both ends at a court and a russell couldn't play offensively jabbar. It's not even close jabbar the fact he won't oldest man ever to win a finals. Mvp award that guy won the nba. He won the nba finals. Mvp at thirty eight. I mean come on man. In a young. I disliked karen like seriously. Like what's what's the name of your podcast by the heads court. Yeah if you want to listen to a guy really knows. Sports post to me being anderson call tomorrow former oriole brady anderson. I guy i gotta hit fifty so it should be an interesting conversation. Brady at the hollywood improv. A few weeks ago got him in because great duty. Dan godfrey from irvine and dan. Big omarosa so. I'm i'm i'm talking to a couple of weeks ago. Because i hear tells in towns. I was over at the store so i can't. I wanted to see david. L. set well. The place is packed. Quick story there's a line in the door guy works impromptu squeezing by going like going to the bar and try to peek my head into seattle. And there's this girl arguing with the door. He's like when my friends are in there. He's like i can't let and she said whatever and i look over and i'm like squeaking by. I looked and she's with brady anderson. I can pick out an athlete. He right he ended his career as an indian and i met him in cleveland. One time just down in the flats after a game cool. What did you do. So i was like. So she's arguing. I was just like hey man how you doing. he's like. Hey man from cleveland actually. He's like cool bamberg eighty. He's like he's like and then she goes. She sees she's like. Do you know anybody here like well. I'm a comic when i'm not working. She's like can you help us get like. I don't know dan godfrey is now. Did like district managers. Never told you. i'd like dataman got him in. He gave me phone numbers any anytime. You want tickets. Thanks for getting me in dude. He gives me his phone numbers. They come to.

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