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And i think tennessee defense has not always been has not really had a point where they've been both so unless you get just a mammoth game from derrick henry with an eighty yard touchdown and two hundred plus yards. It's possible that's always on the table but when you talk about sales never you never wanna roll that out right. But if derrick henry is an entrepreneur sent after two years ever heavy workload or if he gets hurt then it's tough to see this offense really holding up because it's just it's top heavy It you know. It's aj brown. Derrick henry and ryan tannehill. One of those guys gets hurt. The backups are replacement level players. So that's a little scary. Maybe if they had julio jones that may change things. But i'm just a little concerned about the team meeting so many things to go right to have them be a competitive game in the playoffs against the chiefs. The colts on the other hand the opposite not a every team deep team but do you think they have the star power to beat the colts chief. Which is something. They did with jacoby. Rosetta quarterback back in twenty. Nine thousand. nine. I mean it's just a. They're just such a big quarterback question mark and i keep coming back to like every team that i say is ready to compete with the chiefs because they've figured out their quarterback situation and i just. I have no idea if this wednesday is going to work. And i mean i guess if there's anybody who can fix him it's frank reich but i guess until i've seen it until we've seen a little bit of what what wentz looks like in this new situation. I have a hard time saying that. They're going to be like a legit afc contender. Yeah i mean we know once has that range of outcomes right. We saw him play in an mvp level several years ago. That would be ideal. If you could pull it off with the colts. I don't know if they have enough around him. I mean and fishers coming off of an achilles injury at left. Tackle him be very sensitive to his tackle. Play where he's and much worse without lane johnson. And to some extent. Jason peters during his time in philadelphia The white receivers are question. Marketing to hilton is getting up. There was not always effective last year. Parris campbell has been hurt pretty much his entire pro career. Which is a bummer thing. He looked like he was going to be really promising. At the start of last season he was healthy for literally. One game Michael pittman could be great. But we just don't know. I mean that game against the chiefs in two thousand and twenty eighteen where the colts beat the chiefs. Eighteen where the colts beat the chiefs and week five was like a really classic like pre bucks blueprint game where they held the chiefs to a believe they were on third down. They did not score in the red zone. Held him to like like a bunch of field goals and the colts. Turn the ball over once. And i think you can do that. I just think it's tough to count on your defense holding the chiefs to field goals repeatedly in the red zone. You might.

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