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Can try everything on time and everything's under one hundred dollars ritual, cruises big fan of that stuff. If she's in Charlotte. You can come. Visit very cool good for you. That's a great idea. So what kind of debt was one hundred twenty seven thousand that semi Faouzi of it was student loans for my MBA, and then the rest of it was a rental property that we own pay that off very good for the Reynolds gone. And the student loans are gone the rental debt. Did you sell it? Or did you pay it off? We paid off. Okay. And kept it. What's it worth? Probably in the one thirties high. Very nice. Oh for drop by what's the name of your shop dressed Charlotte dressed Charlotte? Okay, they'll give you plug for fifteen million people. Stop by this more next week when you get home. Yeah very good. So how long you been married coming up to seven years now gone? That's wonderful. Rush. You're locked what happened twenty four months ago. Well, it actually started four years ago. So I was in a corporate HR for a long time. That was my career. And I realized that I didn't really enjoy it that much, but I didn't know what else I wanted to do. And I thought like any other person in their twenties. It doesn't know what they wanna do, like no. It's a good idea. Let's go back to school and take out student loans, and degree don't necessarily need. And so I ended up going to school getting my MBA, and then while I was in the MBA program, I had this idea for this business. And also during that time we had just gotten married. We, we just moved to Charlotte. We had bought our first house together. And I also thought that we wanted to be like, like DIY fixer uppers, and you're like, oh, we want to build this rental empire. She has an idea every twenty minutes doesn't know how did you can tell. Smiling. I'm just like. Yes. Good. And so I went to school got the NBA we were both working fulltime during that time, and then while it was in the NBA we got a second house, which is a house that we live in now. And then when I was on the verge of graduating in my last semester in school, and I decided, I'm like I wonder how much I have in student loans. It can't be that much of paying some along the way like should be should be fine. And then I went to go look and it was like seventy thousand dollars. I had no idea that I had actually taken out your heart rate changed basically, like yeah. Almost passed out. And then I had this Pitney that, you know, just two years, I had gone from being completely debt free to having student loans, and having to mortgages on top of it, and I felt like I literally couldn't breathe like felt like, oh my God, what have I done. And so I went to AJ pretty much hysteria, and he can tell he's super calm. All the time. And I said, I basically screwed up. I think we need to figure this out, but I don't know how and the great thing was that he was, I support of the whole time, and then I started a friend of us a friend of ours. Todd us about you, and like the millennial IM I stocked, you on Instagram and Facebook and everything. And we started following AJ was not a fan of, you know, she introduced me to you, and you quickly became the uninvited houseguests. Yeah. Yeah. I heard she doesn't do anything halfway. So she's like Joe shoe. She joined a Colton didn't take you with her. Exactly voice when I came home from work while I was. Oh my went to bed. So I heard you, but I ended up listening to you and your message and your plan. So that's really what got me all in cool. What do you do for a living? I'm a business analyst at the utility company. Okay. Very cool. Very cool. So you're a process guy. Absolutely. And, and Bernadette goes after everything. What open guys complete perfect couple o- complimentary. I mean each other one of wide open other ones like woo careful, careful stretcher yet. Balance for sure now. And I think what was challenging for us in the beginning to was that process point, we had completely different philosophies, and we should tackle it. We got some into some major arguments early on about she'll be cut up our credit card I was all in. I was like we're gonna budget. We're going to do credit cut up all our credit cards. We're gonna get rid of my car, and he was like, no, I don't wanna do it, and slowly, he figured out that it cool is worth it. Gotcha. So AJ. I don't blame you by the way, I would be the probably that guy to Sharon came home doing this. So what did bring you around? I think I just saw how, how much this eight her up on the inside. And you know, I had to adjust my personal financial philosophy. I think you know, I didn't have any bad dead before. And I was like, you know, if we can, if I did it beforehand, we should be able to work it with her MBA degree, and it's still eight her up. I mean, I think just the timeline it, it just didn't fit. We're paying. Off in ten twenty years. So I think once I saw how much affected her. I was like, you know what I gotta listen to your plan and celebrate the process. And that's what I was here to do. And then it's game on. Yeah. So what do you tell people getting out of that is, I think the key to getting out of the debt, if you have a partner, definitely communicate with them, if not have, you know, your friends and family, you know, you encourage each other, and hold each other accountable, I think in also to have the courage to really, you know, you're going to have naysayers and skeptics out there and be able to face him and say, hey, I'm focused on this. We're focused on that, you know, whatever you say, doesn't bother us, and we'll be better out in the long run, though, that you have more haters or more. Supporters actually. Well, what was interesting? So you talk about millennials a lot, and I guess, we're considered millennials, and we started posting in social media about what we're doing in paying forgetting a lot of our friends haven't heard of you, and in the beginning, we used to get into arguments with friends or like why do you cut up your credit card? You could get moins. You know, why do you not come with us on these fun trips like you're missing out? Once we started showing. How much progress we were making when it went from seventy to fifty to forty. Then all of a sudden people try to try to reach out to us instead and ask us how we're doing I'm so in the beginning people were on board. But once they saw results that it actually changed it. And now we have a lot of people who support us very good. That's fun good. Good way to process. Well, you got an community one way or the other. And it started on social media, and then it became a real life. So I think that's really important to tell your story putting out there, you know, the accountable as well too. So. So burn of that. What do you tell people the key to getting out of that is, I think, for me, it's having a goal in mind for the future. I think a lot of people that I knew are kind of going through life and not really sure what is they want to do next. And for me, it was really helpful that I had this business that I wanted to start and that was my goal and I wanted to do this business completely debt free as well. So the only way I felt like we could do that as follows your plan. And if we, you know, even all the sacrifices that we had to make in the last two years, I've got rid of everything we had yard sales rice and beans and everything that you say to do and a lot of people thought we went crazy. But what they didn't know that I had this vision in the back of my mind wanted to be your proof of what I always say millennials don't get it and others. Really get it. And there's not much in between the ones that get it are on fire and we love him. We got a building full, I'm working on our team here. And we love him. We talk about old home around here. Congratulations to very proud of you. We've got a copy of Chris Hogan's retire inspired book for you. And one hundred twenty seven thousand dollars paid off in twenty four months making one forty to one hundred countdown. Sarah debt, free scream three, two one..

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