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It's not going to happen because of the same separation of powers we've been talking about the congress has its say they the congress will always remind you that they actually authorized an appropriate the administration proposes uh i would be the first to say that um a zerobased look at the state department budget is not a bad thing i will tell you david that i found in some of those nooks and crannies programs that had long outlived their usefulness and you think how those still being sustained would you proposed a thirty percent cut no not a thirty percent cut but i will tell you as having been the stanford budget officer there is no budget that can't take a ten percent cut and use it well and so i think to look again at how we're spending some of the money makes a lot of sense but i think we'll get to between what the administration as proposed in what the congress will actually appropriate we'll get to a good level my point in the book and this i would argue very strongly is that foreign assistance particularly to try to help create stable more democratic more capable states is cheap money uh is is a cheap proposition compared to what you have to do when states fall apart over you you pointed out before trade is a difficult issue if you have a sort of nativist message uh foreign aid is a difficult mission issues well while it is but first of all you have to educate on foreign aid that when you asked the american people how much do we spend on foreign assistance they'll get numbers as high as twenty twenty five percent of the budget and of course depending on what you count it's someplace between one right i know knows this right and so some of its education some of it is also um i take some responsibility for this uh people have come to associate foreign aid and indeed democracy support with what we did in iraq in afghanistan and they say if it's going to be that hard and that messy end that long live.

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