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News radio K. LBJ with John McClellan, Kevin Bounds and Sean Bukowski. Maybe we can talk about that. I'm not sure. Maybe maybe it be interesting. The mics are on now. Well, let's talk about it. I have said sometimes our most interesting conversations when the mics are off. This one was I don't know. How do you stay? So good Looking isn't isn't that soccer Botox with everything he does right? He was Scotty B and that stands for Botox three transactions. A week and he still manages stay on top of soccer. What's the F? C? C? Yeah. So I'll see. Todd, I need some advice. Don't say real estate. No, I need you to tell me what's going on with the soccer in this world. Has this house in the stadium going? Yeah, I read A, um, an article the other day, guys that there's close to our more than 18,000 real estate agents in the Austin area. How Um, I don't know if that never is real or if it's imaginary or if it's just kind of right on spot. Right, Uh, cream rise to the top. I will tell you that There's been a lot of people that especially when Covid hit that had a lot of time on their hands could go education online. Maybe wanted to leave certain industries out there that were directly affected by it. I think real estate has that allure for people are I'll be self employed. I'll take care of myself and I can go do real estate because it's easy, right. And that's you know, it's been in the news a lot. Right Prices are exploding, and some people interpret that to mean. Oh, this is the time to get into it, and it's easier and there's more business to go around. But our transaction numbers, you know, they're up a little bit. Um, but, yes, prices have gone up, but it's harder and harder and harder to find. In the home, right? We're talking about these multiple offers and challenges, And we definitely you know, Todd and I both run into, um, dealing with co agents that you know they were kind of Trucking along and doing their doing their deal here and there, and they're having a hard time going out multiple weekends in a row with with the same clients and ended up not being able to connect on anything. Yeah, because you don't get paid until the house closes. That's right. And I think of all the gas and everything else spent. And I just I worry about all these people have these falls. Hopes when they got into real estate and beat on the mortgage side beat on their real estate sale side. Whatever it may be, it's It's a tough business, and there's there's a lot of competition out there. And especially right now, when you're working with buyers you could be working for for a couple of weeks. And they may just be turned off by the whole process because they can't find a house and now you spent gas time and money. Um and you don't find him in house and that can be a devastating uh Have a devastating effect on your ego, right? And you're like what? I don't want to get up and do that again, right? And if it happens three or four times in a month, which I will and it will write it even to the best of us. All right, guys. Phone number 51283605 90. That's 51283605 90 questions. Comments We'd love to hear from you guys Don't forget you can call or text that 51283605 19. We do have lines open. Let's go to Larry. Hey, Larry. Thanks for calling. You have a question for us. Hi. Um, question regarding landlord. Legal responsibilities. Um First I'll just make a point here notice in Windsor Park homes. We went from zero availability to now a few ones popping up here and there. I guess people try to take advantage of the Taking prices. Yep. But anyways, recording landlord legal responsibilities. Uh, the landlord responsible for, uh, attend it's dangerous dog. That may attack people. Oh, sure, yeah. I mean, that's that's something that would fall under your liability insurance policy. Right? So if if if that dog did cause some damage to a person, Um yeah, the property owner could have some responsibility Associated. That's why I have an umbrella policy that covers you know up to a certain amount and blanket covers all my properties out there. And so we do run into We do run into this where the renter and go to the actual homeowners, and he had to the property owner in many, many landlords actually have breed restrictions. Where they, um you know they don't allow certain breeds because maybe of some perception of whether they could be more aggressive or not. Um, well, you'll see rental homes are filled. Usually they have big dogs because apartments won't take them. Yeah, that's very true. And you know, and the bottom line is is that there if you're suing if you're going after somebody because you've been injured, you're probably not going to go after the tenant. You're going to go after the landlord because he's most likely the one with the money and with the assets. That if you did prevail, that you could get paid on right? And so that's where the targets go. And that's why I think it's always good. If you own it, you own investment Property slayer. Well, now we have a problem dogging her street and the rent. The renter doesn't seem to be too concerned about their I love and let the homeowner know that he's got a dangerous dog in this I would reach I would reach out of time before going to catch someone reach out to your neighbors. Man Reach out to and say, Listen, I'm just telling you because I'm a neighbor to one of the houses you on and this is what's going on with it. If you know there's you can look up care. The easiest way is probably going to the the appraisal district's website. Find out who the owner is, unless he has it under a company name, But you can do some searching under that, too. I think the best way is the easy way. It just contact lamented that doesn't work. You know it together with all the neighbors and maybe have a phone call with him. Yeah. All right. Okay. Thank you. Very right, Larry. Appreciate you. Thanks for calling the show. 51283605 95 1283605 90 Lines open. Let's go to Kevin. Kevin. Thanks for calling. You have a question for us. Yeah, just curious that we had put our house on the market. It kind of went soft back in. I guess it was late April. We had a really rainy seasons already Rainy window and Did not sell decided to pull it off. It's hard to keep it. You know, as you guys know when you're trying to show house it's just hard to keep it, Um, keep it ready for a long period of time with two college kid and a high school student. When did you take it off the market, Kevin. It was the middle of the middle of the middle of April, I guess. Okay, and my my question early. I'm not desperate to sell. But also I'm just trying to get a better grasp of timing. What's the next window that you guys feel like It's Is there a hotter window like before? Scott heard before school starts I've heard before. Right? Well, I will tell you. There's a natural little bit of slow down over the last couple of weeks when summer starts, graduation school's out. People are moving doing things right. We see it. I can go back two decades with data and show you how it slows down right now. Now it's just a little blip, and then it comes back. And you are is your house in Oak Hill. Yes. And and is right about how old is the house. And how big is it? 85? It's uh, 26 2700 Square feet. Yes, Kevin, You want to address this? Yeah, this is you know, this is Todd's backyard. He Lives. And you know, just a handful of miles from from from that spot, And so you know, you and I could probably both get the exact neighborhood based on that size and year and the Hoc okay. Area has been generally pretty good. What are your thoughts and maybe one last question before we let Todd answer, But what would you.

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