Lee Sam Rockwell, Sam Elliott, Oscar discussed on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition


The Oscar nominations were announced today and diversity was clearly on people's minds. Regina king was nominated for best supporting actress, well Zirk. Mazing to me, Spike, Lee got his first nomination for best Iraq. Springs. Crazy took that long for him to be recognized after he spent years, directing the Indiana Pacers themselves. But this year this year is different. I mean, it's gotten so black that two of the best picture nominees. Had the word black in them. Yes, votes were like, okay. We don't want another Oscar so white Black Panther black klansman. Screw it. Let's black mirror to put back in the TV show. I don't care when thinking say so he had to talk about the rest of the nominations is someone who was in one of the year's biggest movies, crazy rich Asians, very own. It's always an exciting day when the Oscar nominations come up. It's an wide open field who do you think is gonna take home best picture Trivet who gives a shit about best picture, right? The story. This year is all about the deserving nominees who are snubbed snubs snobs and more snubs especially in the only category that anyone actually cares about best supporting actor for performance by an actor in a supporting role. My Herschel Ali in Greenville. Driver in black fans, then Sam Elliott in a star is born Richard E grant in can you ever? Forgive me and say Rothwell invites Grijalva cow saw goop nominees, but maybe you'll snubbing someone someone like, oh, no me, ROY Chang, supporting acting crazy. Rich, Asians, available and airplanes everywhere. Genuinely think you've been snow. Think of. Yeah. Of course, I've been snubbed I lost. I lost a bunch of no name heck's. Corradi? Corradi a great actors in this category. Sam Elliott was amazing stars born Sam Elliott, listen. Trevor everyone in the business knows his mustache is doing all the acting. Okay. I go to most like that. But I can't to much about the crafts to rely on cheap facial props like that also my lip can do that. Okay. Okay. We'll find what are what about Adam driver in black klansman up. You mean IMO doff Vega who brought winding to a galaxy far away. Big deal. We played a Jewish guy pretending to being the KKK. I was playing Chinese from Hong Kong when I'm really Chinese plus from Malaysia. Okay. That's rain. Plus in the movie I had to play an asshole. When in reality. I'm more of a dick, okay, and understanding that subtle difference. What separates the best supporting men from the best supporting boys and wolf Herschel Ali just saying the cough for two hours. I every time. I take Uber. All I guess to stars. Don't get me. Started on Richard E grant bet you'll like who's that? Right. Trevor no, actually, we don't even the veteran actor he's a character actors being movies for decades shut up Trevor or you know, what I should you for lease supportive friend. Besides this guy's move. You only made eight million dollars. I know Instagram stories that make more money all right last, and certainly the Lee Sam Rockwell in vice again, he already won last year or we just keep nominating him. Is this the best supporting actor award or the best Sam Rockwell award? Plus that's already another Sam nominated to many sands, hashtag, Oscar, so SAM's. Wow. Wow. Wow. Ronnie..

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