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Open the way for a contingent of syria army troops perhaps and their allies to to move into the town the syrian flag is said to be flying they're now there may be much more fighting to come in the gouta anc clave in its towns and villages but what happened today would seem to be the clearest sign yet the degree of momentum that the army has in this terrible fighting which so many civilians are suffering and at the same time is all that is going on eastern gooch a tech he's been waging an offensive for weeks on the border against kurdish militants what were the developments today on that many front lines in syria various different battlegrounds we're talking here about a small mountainous and clave colder frene right up in the northwest of the country against the turkish border this is a place in the hands of kurdish militants turkey regards them as terrorists and a threat to turkey and weeks ago it launched a really major assault on freeing now the turkish military is formidable and it is being grinding forward through the outlying areas of a free in but it hasn't been easy the kurds a tough and committed they being prepared for this pfizer and that battlehardened but they are under immense pressure today we had that they're gonna get reinforcements one thousand seven hundred troops being sent in these are likely to be drawn from arab militia fighters who fight alongside the kurds and they're being redeployed from frontlines in the east of syria where the fight jehadis of the islamic state group these one thousand seven hundred fighters to be sent into the free to confront the turkish military our arab regional editor alan johnston here in the uk counterterrorism offices have taken charge of the investigation into the suspected poisoning of a former russian double agent and his daughter sergejs.

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