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Reach across the Northeast. Fans of the most famous ground hog in the country can watch his weather predictions online this morning from member Station W. E s A and Pittsburgh Katie Blackley reports on punks. Otani fills virtual ground Hog Day celebration. Thanks to Tony residents began celebrating fills forecasts in 18 86. Each February. 2nd members of his so called inner circle will pull Phil from his enclosure and place him on a stump. According to tradition, he either sees his shadow and winter continues, or he doesn't and spring is on the way. Inner circle member and Phil's handler AJ to room says most of the rituals will still take place. The difference is, if you would turn around and look out to the crowd, you're just going to see any big hefty field because there's no public attendance for NPR news. I'm Katie Blackley in Pittsburgh Viewing is available now. Negotiations resumed today between the Chicago public School System and the Chicago Teachers Union. The school system has delayed students return to in person learning until Thursday. The union has objected to sending teachers and other staff back to school until coronavirus safety protocols are in place. Chicago's mayor says she's seen progress, The mayor had threatened to block teachers from virtual instruction. If they did not go back to classrooms. This is NPR news. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include I Drive with remote PC, providing remote access to PCs, Max and servers from anywhere. Assisting those working from home and also enabling remote assistance for customers at remote PC dot com. Republican senator sounded optimistic yesterday after meeting with the president to talk about pandemic relief just ahead on morning edition more on whether there's a realistic chance of compromise. And in this half hour, the latest on what this Coon in Myanmar means.

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