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And since as i said it does take a good six to twelve months to plan and market you retreat. Now is actually the perfect time to be thinking about this. So here's my suggestion for everyone. I love you to mark your calendars right now. for june. Twenty seconds to the twenty four th because we have a crazy awesome day virtual live then planned called reading up for the post. Pandemic retreat rebound. John it's going to have the link for you to show notes and the reason we're doing this now. John is because are retrea. Community has suffered so much from the pandemic not just our retreat leaders but are retrieved planners or travel professionals and retrieved venues and normally. We do our three day events at two ninety seven. Us day because we want to see everyone planning retrea and getting back to work they can name. Their price is long as they pay a dollar. And we're doing this. Because we want our retreat leaders to be committed to coming to the event and getting their retreat plan saw. It's gonna be awesome..

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