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Have one broken down up in Frederick, This is on 1 80 North founded Solar ex court. You're in decent shape. Otherwise on the Beltway itself. You've got what looks to be wet roadways. But of course, we know the temperature hovering. Right around the freezing mark it in some instances well below, So please be very careful. Sand and salt trucks have been out all through the night. They're continuing out there, so please give them a lot of space. They're going to probably be in a lot of neighborhoods right now. Before round two slams us right in the mouth. Jack Taylor. W T o P Trap. I'm average or has our forecast it mixes snow, sleet and freezing rain will continue mostly Northern Virginia, the D. C. Metro in northern Maryland. Additional accumulations of about an inch or two today, mostly in northern Maryland. Some patchy fog cold, becoming blustery, steady temperatures in the upper twin It's a low thirties, so snow showers and flurries Tonight I see blustery in cold mid twenties, so low thirties blustery and cold with scattered snow showers and flurries tomorrow highs being loaded with thirties blustering cold on Wednesday highs in the mid upper thirties. I'm Storm Team four. Meteorologist Matt Ritter temps around the Washington area this morning. We've got only 26 degrees and rest in 27 in Gaithersburg 30 right now in Woodbridge. This'll is w t o p your source for today's top news, traffic and weather always connected and constantly updated. W T o p. Never miss a moment. W T O P s top news is brought to you by van Meter Homes Find a home. That's right for you at van Meter homes dot com. Good morning. I'm Joan Jones. And I'm Kyle Cooper. Teddy Gilman is our producer coming up. Ice and snow on area roadways, and it's leading to.

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