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Joe ruble news time is seven three from the kelocom news center i'm michael eisner former sioux falls mayor ricky kenobi wrote out hurricane alma near titusville florida but it wasn't on purpose he's been stuck in florida with his boats mckay kenneth kuhl problems so he was forced to experience the hurricane i will tell you i'm glad i had it now i understand it i will avoid it at all caught in the future are we never on my pocket where oh can ob says he battened down the hatches on his boat took shelter in a house when the wind was howling and debris flying around downside is window so let's go to attorney general mardi jackley has joined at nineteen other republican attorneys general in supporting a colorado cake makers refusal to make a wedding cake for his samesex cup the us supreme court will hear the case which could be the most controversial of the term jackley says it's a case of religious freedom that should be protected by the government not threatened by it so that's good his tax revenues continued to slide last month august revenue numbers were down one point three percent from last year the running overseas six percent below the state legislatures budget target both the state and sioux falls are struggling because of the weaker farm economy and increasing online sales were taxes are not collected christine elible kelocom news any sneak peek at sounds could his annual education report card shows were on the right trajectory and squirting to the state education depart many of the academic indicators remained steady or increased for example math scores went up slightly but what's called the college readiness indicator declined a full report card will be available beginning tomorrow and both senators rounds and threw an our applauding the recent passage of the national fence authorization act or what's better known the.

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