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In. It doesn't matter. If you're a first round draft, pick her a sixth round draft pick or somebody coming in as a as a tryout. An undrafted type of a player. So all kinds of things open. I I liked the knoll upfront. He's not a big guy, but he was very energetic in the game. And he didn't have any shots on goal. But he led the Blackhawks with four hits. And every time he was out there. He was you know, he was kind of a pain in the rear end for the Columbus, blue jackets players, and that's what you wanna see out of these young guys. And I think for some of the guys who kind of cruise through training camp and preseason there's gonna be a lot of competition. And if you have that kind of mentality that type of attitude you're going to be in trouble this year. Hey, Noah was ready to mix it up with John Hayden over the scrimmage the other day at the United Center wanted to talk before we cut you loose about two of the main off season acquisitions we saw one of them in net. And Cam ward, I I'm kind of excited about what he can bring to the table. Yes. Everyone is looking at his stat lines over the course of the last couple years. But you know, he's familiar with a deep deep Stanley Cup run winning the as a rookie may not be as familiar with the playoffs in recent seasons. But. I think he may be a little bit rejuvenated by you know, he had a comfort zone for ten twelve years there in Carolina. This is something new and a certainly a very important role that he's going to undertake this season. Yeah. And I think for STAN Bowman when when you look at the signing of Cam ward, who's thirty four years of age his record actually last year wasn't all that bad twenty four fourteen fourteen and four a nice, you know,.

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