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Take away from the book is quote humans need to keep exploring through open ended scientific research by obviously you're saying there's there's limits on the open ended nece of that well or at least the the applications of it right i think you know to forge ahead without thoughts about the consequences of one's work is is just the'responsible i remember back a piece omar conference i remember covering that back in the seventies them with with paul berg the do feel like we're at that moment now absolutely you know and paul berg and and david baltimore two of the scientists who were involved in those early discussions around the ethics molecular cloning have been incredibly a helpful in thinking through the ethical challenges with gene editing mmm so we're what would you like to see happen now well i you know of course i i think that you know encouraging scientists and and with the rest of the world to embrace this technology for what it can do and to move ahead with the opportunities to use it tip solve real human problems as you know is is great and should the encouraged at the same time i think we have to continue have a very active discussion about appropriate use of this technology and encourage of responsible activities around the world because you can get your own home kit now chris burkett camp to again all right we'll both reliever the're roof agenda for down the professor chemistry molecular and cell biology uc berkeley co author of a really good barker of summer reading too quick redeem amounts got some nice technical stuff into a crack and creation gene editing and the impeccable power to control of lucia thank you dr governor for taking time to have you with us today great to talk to you ira you're welcome after the break a general relative seventy predicted it put albert einstein called the experiment impossible and now the impossible has been done and it involves weighing us dr using the light bending ability of mass in space and really interesting stuff huntaway a star with gravity coming up after the break stay with us i am i replayed oh this is science friday from pierra support for science friday comes from destination medical center a strategic economic initiative in rochester minnesota to of global destinations.

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