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Morning no good morning our big three headlines this morning what we had the democratic debate in Iowa yesterday Ghatal testy there between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in fact she refused to shake Bernie's hand after the debate apparently they had a little bit of a heated exchange off Mike because remember Elizabeth Warren said that Bernie told her in private a woman could not be elected president Bernie denied it the debate last night but other than that it was a pretty dreary affair no heated exchanges during the debate only after only after that what good is that gonna help ratings rates are so boring none of which change ideas fight for this nomination absolutely you got it by not be afraid to you know what did Ronald Reagan say I'm paying for this microphone member that New Hampshire is I am paying for this microphone now that's a good debate but now these now these men plus you get softball questions from CNN oh of course yeah absolutely right were lame any questions were really lane they were pathetic nobody really pressed anybody on anything actually there was a controversy because one of the CNN reporters question Bernie Sanders saying you said that a woman can't be and it's been cooperated she pointedly said did you would said that when he obviously said he didn't yeah that's right but interest I mean did she should not have offer her opinion yeah I actually thought that the the the moderators work but they were dealt to there they they were some CNN meant why not but their their questions just seems so so can the we are they read them and I will without a conversational ways as you should have your reporter to kind of press somebody make some upset all right the computer has printed out the question we're gonna read it like a computer yes I'm also in the big three impeachment is finally here well the articles Nancy Pelosi sent him over to box a Christian Louboutin shoe box and you know knowing she wears Christian New because you definitely does this is sending them over to Mitch McConnell this strikes me as kind of a hush puppies are the guy anyway she sending her articles of impeachment over in our Christian Louboutin shoebox and then we're gonna trial maybe on Tuesday listen to McConnell arguments.

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