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Alone and you close your eyes at night. You think about everything and i visualize them visuals. Fuck iheart emma director spicy. See everything. I've seen every possible outcome for this fight with positive and negative and a visualize the walkout thousand times how i am able to control. How fast my heart is beating at night right and of lived it of been there that the knockout the win the first bell ring have seen it and I'm ready i. I'm used to it. Is that weird this. I've not done yet. But i'm used to it because like i mean i. I have done it with with manchester in the staple center even like wwe health and just like being in front of these big crowds and and feeling that energy in every fight every single fight afterwards. I always recollect that. I didn't remember the crowd. I never remember the crowd. I never remember when they cheered when they booed what they were like. Who was where in last fight. Like i said i. I've said this before. I didn't feel present. Like i remember walking into the ring and like a wave like you. I like a wave some of my friends early. Hey i wasn't fucking like in fight mode. This is dislike laser focus on not looking at anyone. We keep the squad thin and just get in there and just another day at the office business as usual. You know what i'm saying. You're keeping your squad then but i have invited everyone. I've invited everyone and you wanted me to because you wanted everybody to see you in this magical moment. I just think it's going to be one of those things where like this is. This is what i said this morning. Where were you when logan. Poppy floyd mayweather. Where the fuck were you is always those big events and you always remember where you were who you were with and how you're feeling and the celebration and that's it. Where were you when. Logan bobby flay weather and yeah from my closest friends family family such as you is and i like i like that. You are there with me and i don't plan to stay in miami to celebrate. I'm sorry no no no but think about this before. Mayweather ruined his life real life. If he was mad about a fucking hat about a hat and threatening to kill. Jake imagine i take everything from him. The goons are coming. It's too hot on this block. The stay in miami. I'm out bro. Out flying undisclosed location. You will not find me but you will see me fucked up. It's too hot on this block chain. It's also the crypto convention. Honest with you. It's too hot on this block. Without the floyd mayweather fight miami's enforced. Unfortunately miami's ben a little dangerous. The past couple of weeks which i hate to see speaking of dangerous you just you just mentioned it didn't know that gotcha hat we gotta talk about. Gotcha the one of the one of the biggest micro events of this fight and potentially one of the biggest marketing parts gotta say. He's a marketing. King i gotta say somebody tipped me off. The jake was going to do it really..

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